Locked to weekly abyssal dungeon after downtime

After the server downtime on Valtan at 9pm PDT my group got locked to the weekly abyssal dungeon we were doing when the server went down. We miss out on on rewards because of this.

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I’ve the same problem in Agaton, the abyssal dungeon appears closed to all my group after maintenance.
Character: Xcrets
Server: Agaton (SA)
Abyssal Dungeon: Citadel of Illusions

Have the same problem, was doing Necromancers Origin and server restarted for maintenance and now I’m locked out of weekly without the rewards.

Character: Baalzamon
Server: Kazeros (SA)
Abyssal Dungeon: Necromancers Origin

Same here

Character: Yearsago
Server: Thirain (EU)
Abyssal Dungeon: Hail of the Twisted Warlord

Character: Jonathan
Server: Valtan
Abyssal Dungeon: Necromancers Origin

Same here, I was on the first abyssal dungeon with my sorceress, disconnected before the last boss, and now it’s stuck for a week without even being able to complete or get the rewards, so my character is stuck…

Character: Sabernero
Server: Trixion (EU)

Hope you can resolve the issue soon…