Locking all EU Central Servers? EUW region health concern

First of all I’d like to say: I appreciate all your hard work getting the game into our hands!

All the points I’m bringing up below are concerns for the health of the region and suggestions on what could be done to give people more incentive to move servers.

Are there any plans to lock all eu central servers? New players will more than likely not move to EU West without EU Central servers being locked for new players. I also highly doubt existing players will move over as the login event rewards for people moving to EUW are a complete joke.
If you ever would want people who have a lot of time put into the game you’d almost have to give the appropriate power passes for each character that has reached level 50 and the respective area they have reached, On top of that give enough materials as login rewards. I’d honestly wouldn’t mind if the characters where removed from EU Central as long as the appropriate power passes where given. I’m fully aware you cannot do server or region transfers right now, but a functionality you for sure have are the power passes.

Currently EUW seems to be extremely quite! I’d assume majority of people logged in to see the extra rewards you are getting and really quickly figured it’s not worth the “extra rewards”


Situation right now:

Europe Central - All servers FULL. I just gave up playing the game today. I’m really tired of waiting 8 hours queues for two weeks already.

Europe West - All servers empty. Nobody is moving there as no-one wants to loose dozens of hours of progress, Twitch drops and many other unique items. They are compensating only small portion, which is laughable as situation is full responsibility of AGS.

We told them days before launching West region that players will not move unless there is good enough compensation. And they never listen…

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I didnt play since last friday because of the queue and the fact that i can only play after my works. And i will not move my character with such few “rewards”. Happy with my pack and my 3 day of game… THX Smilegate and Amazon.

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Empty? Sure, they’re not FULL but empty? Have you actually been on the servers and experienced the hundreds of people begging for folk to add them to their friend list? They are FAR from EMPTY.

New players will VERY likely flock to EU West because it’s called EU West. Look at so many other games that have a EU Central and an EU West server and in every case, the West one is more popular. I think you’re prematurely panicking about a situation that currently doesn’t exist and if ANYTHING, I ‘might’ be worrying about long-term health of the EU Central servers a year or so down the line.

By empty I mean good, green checkmark, far from busy or full. Please check the server status:

All servers on central are FULL, my server has 15k queue. West region has no queue on any of the servers, it’s not even busy.

Thanks for the clarification in what you meant but it still doesn’t equate to empty. There are a lot of folk on these servers and come the weekend when the founder packs are rolled out, I expect to see a good deal more.

Either way, I honestly believe that within a (relatively) short amount of time, the EU West servers will become the more populated, though it may well take several months for that to shake out.

I’m not sure if its just a bug on my end but it seems to be showing an exact duplicate of the North American East servers for EU west. So I’m not actually sure if its an accurate representation and they’ve just reused all the same names which seems unlikely or if its a display issue.

Lol i opened this Thread for a second too :smiley:

Thats nearly exact the same thing i said too.

Please Lock Central EU Server for new Chars, let them cry but thats the only way to get player to EUW.

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ah and btw playing the Game on CE at this Time of the Day doesnt work.

Hey you joined the Server after 3 or 4 or 8h of Queue and than? The Matchmaking servers are nearly down, you cant Start Guardian / Abyss dungeons, if youre lucky you can do you 2 Chaos dungeons and than? the only good thing to do is close the game lool

All of this would have been solved if Amazon would actually try to give the players who are willing to move an appropriate compensation. Would it take a lot more time? yes. Would it solve the issue compared to now that it won’t do anything at all? definitely yes.

actualy i think they love to troll us on EU, it feels like they hate EU. I think Amazon is smart as hell,
but not smart enought for Powerpass or Locking CE Servers? One of the easiest way to push players on EUW lol

The new server region isn’t made for the players like us who have already spent a lot of time in the game.

They’re made for new players who join the game or very casual players who didn’t make much progress and don’t mind switching.

So the hardcore players, the ones most likely to play the game long term, are left to suffer with ridiculous queue times and broken matchmaking.

I’ll say it again, AGS don’t know how to operate an MMO. The explosion of New World (yeah, it didn’t last, but they didn’t seem to realise how many people would play that at launch either) and the issues with FFXIV (them having to suspend sales for Endwalker) should have told them that the audience for Lost Ark would be absolutely massive, and AGS did not prepare enough for EU players, and now it is the players who are being punished for it.

well when they want it for new players than lock CE for new players easy as hell