Lockout post maintenance

as you can see. we only completed gate one but gate locked out bc of maintence.
NA EAST. UNA. imafirinmylazor

CMs have said if we haven’t recieved a ticket 24 hours after the issue than we are out of luck.

Hey @mig_atl!

I’m sorry to know you got disconnected while in the middle of a Valtan run.

The current system will only allow for access to be re-granted for players who experience a verified crash or outage issue on the game server-side; this will not cover local internet issues or other potential causes of disconnects. We notify players on a timely manner via forums and in-game in order to avoid doing these kind of activities that may consume more time than the expected and lose the ticket because of the programmed disconnection. My apologies for that.

You can always keep an eye at the news section to stay up to date with everything related to maintenance.

If there’s anything else I can help you with, let me know. Stay safe!

Hi Santoryu,

I am wondering if unscheduled maintenance is “not considered to be a verified crash or outage issue on the game server-side”


Also I am not sure that you understand what a Valtan run means. it is not a ticketed event like cube or boss rush and normally you can go back and do it after leaving or failing. The event is also different from Argos where you are unable to go back and do phase 2/3 after receiving rewards for phase 1. The unscheduled maintenance caused many played to be interrupted during their runs and when they logged back in after the maintenance was over, their runs were marked as completed. Seems to be a bug and shouldn’t be lumped into the same category as people who were disconnected because they lost internet on their end while their group completed the run and recieved rewards.

This, i am not sure if it is a shitty design decision or a bug, but because we were logged into a Valtan run when the servers shut down for an unscheduled maintenance, our run was marked as completed and nobody in the group was able to kill the boss or claim rewards.


But what does programmed disconnect have to do with losing a lockout?? For Valtan you only get counted as complete post collecting loot. you can leave him at 1 hp. quit and reenter. That makes no sense that being disconnected makes it count as complete. If it were completed we would have gotten loot.

“players who experience a verified crash or outage issue on the game server-side”. The game closed server side. Bc the servers went down.

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Hi Santoryu,

I understand that we should be checking the forums to keep up to date with the maintenance. My issue is that the disconnect happened an hour after the scheduled maintenance. (Disconnect was 5 AM PST when it was scheduled for 12 AM to 4 AM)
What happens when your system does not identify the disconnect as server-side if/when it is.
I have sent a ticket to support and was met with the same generic, copy and paste answer that everyone else received.

Hope you can provide some helpful information.]

@Ragnus We are pretty much just talking to bots, but a CM named Shadow_Fox actually talked to us in words other than copypastas and said he will talk to the devs on Monday concerning this Valtan DC and entry count lost? - #14 by Shadow_Fox.

I would just wait till tomorrow and hope it gets resolved


I have the exact same issue that you are facing, i was halfway in gate 1 of hard valtan when my whole party received a server message saying ‘server closes in 50s’. Before we could do anything, the game disconnected us all from the raid. Once we all logged back in, we got the same issue as your screenshot whereby we had APPARENTLY exceeded the entry count for the week.

After which I went of amazongames and spoke to a customer support rep by the name of John, he then went ahead to check my character and its status and confirmed that the game had disconnected me from the raid(meaning to say it was the game/server that had issues that disconnected me as well as my raid party) thus this falls within the terms whereby if the disconnect is due to the server or game, they will return us the ticket to enter. However it has been 2 days and I have yet to receive the ticket, so I went to speak to their support again and to my horror, this customer support gave me information that was the total opposite of what John(1st CS that i spoke to) had told me. In other words, i was told to suck it up and wait next week.

This is disappointing as the game promotes and entices players to push to the required levels by spending money to play their new content and yet when their servers are unstable and randomly disconnects players, we players suffer.

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Me and my party got dced during Valtan and there was NO maintenance, SA servers were extremely unstable around 2:30 PM server time, even after 24hrs we didn’t get our ticket back…Are you saying because server was unstable we lost a week worth of progression and “try your luck on not getting dced next week”?