Log in for 30 sec then.... DC!

when is this going to be fixed?? its crazy. i couldnt even be online for 30 sec, then the DC started happening again… gg

and 30sec later, 2nd DC!!! WTF !!!

this time i think i lasted a couple of min before i DC AGAIN!!!

yeah me to i think they will need a few more hours something isnt going well it would seem. im 3 DCs in

hopefully they take these shit servers down, and fix them. this is unplayable!

just fk you at this point

and DC AGAIN!!!

do you even test the servers you put out to the public?? this is insane!!!

im gonna keep posting every single DC untill u fix this pathetic state the game is in!!!

Cant even see the Cinematics without DC’ing!!!

Is AGS seriously expecting anyone to spend money on this game ? This has been an ongoing critical issue for 10 weeks straight. Absolutely outrageous. Any other company would’ve been fired on the spot.

now i get thrown out of the game entirely