Logged in today and got perma banned :(

I’ve spent over $18,000 USD and upwards of 400 hrs on this game(over 2000hrs if you count KR as well)

I logged in this morning as usual and greeted with perma banned message. I’m in shocked right now creating this topic. I’ve sent an email to AGS and hope it was just a mistake


Did you buy gold from third party instead through in-game currency exchange? If so, then you’ve violated the terms and will be banned permanently.

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How in the world did you manage to spend $18k?

You must have had hundreds of thousands of gold on your account

Lets turn this into a learning lesson.

Dont spend absurd amounts of money on a game, then break the TOS.


Excuse me what – 18 k?

incredible what whales pay for such games… no wonder the mobile gaming space is going strong

Pretty sure a lot of false EAC bans are going around… i got onr today as well

You spent 18k dollars and got banned, that’s crazy. I hope you get unbanned soon.

Lmao did AGS finally catch up to the gold buyers and rightfully banning them or is this more AGS memes… Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of…

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I’ve moved this thread to the player support section, as our CS team will be able to directly assist. If you believe you have been falsely banned, you can also open up an appeal through a web ticket: Lost Ark - Support | Amazon Games

(Update, we’re also seeing a lot of these reports and doing some extra internal investigations)

18k usd ? probably normal players like us play for nothing,economy of the game is ruined because of people like you.

Nah it’s the bots that is causing the economic issues. AGS needs to be focusing on banning buyers and sellers right now.


yes you are right…

Thankfully I haven’t had this issue yet but the thing I’m most worried about seeing these is that people aren’t even being told why they are banned. Just, one simple genre tag, and to eat it. People should be told Exactly why they are banned otherwise this means people can be banned for anything if someone on that team feels like it.

We have folks looking extremely closely at ban appeals, as the uptick in these reports is notable and being worked through. If you feel you have received a false ban, I highly suggest you submit a ticket for appeals vs going through live chat support: Appeal a ban - Support | Amazon Games

The problem is why it’s taken so seriously now with many threads and it’s not serious and only a BOT answer when it’s a solo guy ?


next time don’t buy gold ^^

Them buying royal crystal increases supply of blue crystals and helps keep it down for people who dont spend and try to buy stuff in the shop with gold? And there isnt much to spend on gold for most people and so these guys drive up the price of mats and its very profitable selling them so if anything whales are really helping out players like me

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What do you even get for 18k, 12x t3 characters and every skin? Still seems horrible value.

What’s the difference if someone spends 15k on a vacation to Bora Bora or 18k on a game? If you have the means spend your money on whatever you want. I’m not going to judge someone else’s personal choices. It’s their life. Their money.