Logged into wrong roster first for Powerpass have not claimed from mail yet

I play two rosters pretty heavily and i wanted my punika pass to go to my azena roster but i accidentally logged in first to my galatur roster and it got sent there. I have not claimed the pass from the mail is there any way you guys can revoke that mail and send me a new one to my azena roster? thanks

Hello @AsmongoldFan, hope you’re doing well.

I’m sorry to read that your Punika Powerpass was sent to the wrong roster, could you please provide us with the name and server of one of your characters of either roster? I can try escalating your issue with our dedicated team to see if it is possible to provide you with a solution.

Also welcome to the forums @ggmansfield,

I’m sorry that you didn’t receive your powerpass, in order to get the Punika Powerpass you need to complete the quest Berver’s Friend which becomes available after completing the Honorary Punikan questline, you can read more information about it here:

If you already meet the requirements but still haven’t received your powerpass, please provide us with the name and server of your character so we can investigate further.

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your replies.

Thank you for the information @AsmongoldFan!

I’ve escalated your issue and will be getting back to you as soon as I get an answer.

Have a good day in Arkesia!

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The character I wanted the pass sent to is “Powderofsage” on Azena NAE
The character that received the mail for the powerpass is “Plznobully” on Galatur NAE

thank you for looking into it for me.

I have similar problem.
I did open a powerpass ticket expecting it might be available region wide. I had no other option anyways. Checked every Enviska character to find the ticket in mail beforehand.

Got ticket on character Qarantine NAW Mari. Wanted to use it on new Machinist made on NAW Enviska server. Main on Enviska server is Cloneeightysix and did Berver quest for Punika Pass long time ago.

So login server order is the main issue. I wouldn’t say I logged in on Mari server by accident. I just read patch notes carefully and found no warning there. So I was unaware. No one told me when I log in on specific server my powerpass will auto-lock to that server.

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I did not get my powerpass also. Completed the quests and had no problems in the past. I checked mail on all my characters and even pet inventory.

Main: Alistia (I did changed my main after 3 hours to see if it will trigger the system but this failed)
Server: Valtan

Please help


I am having the same issue, however I logged into the CORRECT server first. This morning I logged into my NAE Avesta character, did some stuff, didn’t see any powerpass mail, quit the game, then later started the game up and loaded into an Azena character and the powerpass is stuck there on Azena (character name Hollypaly).

I read another CM’s post that you can use the powerpass on that server and then apply it to a character on another server but that is WRONG.

This is rendering me unable to play my machinist through no fault of my own, I really hope you can help.

I also tried following that advice since im kind of stuck and now the powerpass is stuck on galatur instead of azena and i can’t use it on a non alt character on azena like the support post you quoted says.

Hello again @AsmongoldFan, and hello @AddiFalcon, @refusal.

I’ve received an answer from our dedicated team and unfortunately the powerpass is locked to the server you where you received the mail and it won’t be possible to transfer them to the desired roster.

Also @tinori I’m sorry to read that you haven’t received your powerpass yet, as mentioned previously, in order to receive these you need to complete the quest Berver’s Friend in Punika, if you’ve already done so and still haven’t received your ticket, please provide us with a screenshot of the completed quest on your Quest Journal.

Have a good day in Arkesia.

Honestly quite baffled that your dedicated team came to that conclusion.
How can you remove the ability from the player to decide which server they choose to use their powerpass on? Was this something intended? I can hardly believe so.

Furthermore would it not be better then to at least inform players beforehand what results in the PP being sent to a specific account, or should that be left to chance.

There go my plans for trying out scouter. Thanks.

Have a good day on the forums.

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Seems like they can’t do much about it, which sucks, makes me want to spend less money on the game. Kinda wish punika pass was sent through product inventory instead since you can only use it once per region.

yep feeling kinda burned, spent over $3500 through steam supporting the game and they can’t even give me a $50 pass. guess i’ll start rmting

I wouldn’t RMT but just stop spending as a whole, kinda salty about it too. I also spent a good sum of money too. Probably be investing in more stocks, crypto, etc.

Hi this literally makes no sense, I don’t have a choice on where this powerpass goes? Not even my first server I made a character on? Or the first server I log into after maintenance even? Why would it choose a different server than my main roster? Does this means I’m screwed forever whenever they give out powerpasses in the future? How does this make sense? How can I choose a server? Do I literally have to delete all my Azena characters? Waste my money?

As I said in previous thread Punika Pass on Different Server? - #18 by Haones , there’s no reason to restrict it to specific server since we get only 1 powerpass across region, you have to reconsider that and make powerpasses region wide.

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If what you say is true, then that means someone is beeing misinformed here. Don’t wanna offend anyone by calling him a liar, but perchaps there is a miscommuniaction between AGS and Smilegate. Maybe someone on Smilegate team is too lazy to verify how their system actually works or too ashamed to admit they fked up again. I dunno how situation looks behind the curtain, makes more and more players dedicated to the game frustrated. And leaves a bad mark on both AGS and Smilegate.
Not only many people left the game, but when they see those companies they will pass on new game saying “I don’t wanna be treated so poorly ever again”.

Hello Arkesians,

I understand the points you make and remind you that you can share your thoughts and feelings in the Feedback section of the forums or you can also submit your valuable feedback by filing a web ticket here.

Hope this helps and see you in Arkesia! :wolf: