Logging in Port Krona immidiatly closes the game

When my character logs in (location Port Kona) my Game immidiatly closes itself. Can you unstuck my character?

yep, it happens all the time i try to log in.

Character: Shivh
Server: Asta-EUC

Hey @Shiiv, hope you are having a great day so far!

Let me take a look into this to try to unstuck your character. Is this issue only ocurring with Shivh or with your alts you are experiencing the same?

While I’m working in the relocation please close the game and run an Steam file check just to discard corrupted files.

Be right back.

happens on all characters, currently validating files to check if it might help

I see, thank you so much for the information @Shiiv,

I’ve relocated your characters to see if this help us to solve the issue. Please run the game and try to login with your chars.
Let me know how it goes,

Best regards.

after relocate and validating it worked, but i got there by foot this time, last time it was per biofrost teleport.

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