Loghill Statue song of resonance

I saw online about song of resonance at statue . so i got the song and im at the statue and nothing happen. some says to right click but its only does my attack skill but can’t click on the statue. is the secret thing still there or deleted like many other things ???

A high level person did it for me the other day and it worked. Stand right in front of statue. You sure you using the right song?

its says song of resonance that the song i have that i bong at the big shit for 16000 pirate coin

Yeah thats the right one, I asked because I mix the songs up sometimes from the pictures on the skills. lol

Tried changing channels? In the right spot?

You don’t have to do anything with the statue.
You need to play your song near it to get it to work ~

Or that lol

what does it do anyway since right now it’s does do anything … does it give something special ? worth trying



It unlocks a hidden area with seeds in it. Statue moves and u walk into the square of light underneath it.

really ain’t that with the song on forest minuet ??? at the branch at fogwood crypt that give 2 in it… since at loghill i got 7/9

it doesn’t do anything for me either