Login Event, at least 2 days buffer

It would be great if there would at least be 2 additional days to claim all 20 rewards and not exactly 20 days.

As it is now, the day 20 reward will be unobtainable for many people, since most people have at least one day in a 20 day timespan, where they aren’t able to log into the game.

There always were a few days as buffer to get all rewards why did you move away from that?


no kidding. first they messed up last months and were unclear with the “extra” days to claim and now they’ve removed all leeway with the login rewards…

I was just in a chat with customer support about the same thing, its the first time i’ve missed a login day for a long long time, and its extra frustrating now that they’ve added these limited skin chests at the end of the login rewards. I understand there used to be complaints about the developers giving players too many extra days at the end of login rewards, however having 0 extra days (in this case it seems they’ve literally given 19.5 days thanks to the day of updates) seems pretty ridiculous. I have to believe that they have just mis-dated the event period or are just communicating very poorly because it seems hard to believe they would do this to the players, fingers crossed we get some feedback!


i dont mind not having empty days but they should put the “Big” reward on like day 20-25 and not at the end.

But dont worry there will be at least 2 weeks of login reward extensions before the mid july patch.

I don’t mind either, i agree with that, not too fussed about missing out on some rapport chests, but a skin is just frustrating. You think they’ll definately extend this one? I dont wanna miss those cat ears not gunna lie xd

Yeah I just want to comment about this too, The new login reward is just very strict. I think what they should do is just give a new login reward everytime the old ends instead of waiting a big patch/update, at least that will make us get some leeway missing few days but still get full reward.

It is very strict, I agree

But what I think will happen is that the time for the login rewards will get extended because the July Update won’t be ready on time, maybe 1~2 weeks extra time to claim it.

(Just like what happened to the LED glasses and June Update)

It’s more likely that all of us here one tap the weapon twice in a row regardless of current ilvl, than the July Update coming on the announced day without delay