Login Event is too Short

Normally there would be a gap of 1 week for everyone to benefit from the event what has changed?

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox @Maselbart @Sandovall

there was a delay for vykas of 2 weeks

June patch was delayed by 2 weeks so unfortunately we are losing 1 week on logins.
Maybe they will extend this one at the same time we get a new one, hopefully.


Certainly, they should take into account that people can have jobs.

that happens when a patch gets delayed 2 weeks, no room for that

You are completely right. I work 45-50 hours a week and I feel like these skins and whatever shouldn’t be given me freely on the login bonuses and they should rather be only purchasable from the shop with royal crystals with the money I grind IRL instead. I’m still getting everything with this, but shop would be more flexible and give more value to them and they would also get money for it. It’d be win-win!