Login Events Extension for EUC?


Will the 2 login tracks be extended for EUC players as they have been unable to log in today to claim? Looking at the screenshots from NA players, the login events don’t seem to give much grace, and its even less so for EUC given the extended downtime.



If you login before 12pm CEST tomorrow just to claim the rewards, I don’t think there will be any problem.

The only problem with this though is that not everyone will be able to login to do this due to work/family etcetc. While they may have been able to get on for a few hours each evening, they might not have to ability to do really early/really late. It feels unfair to not provide the same advantage (grace days) to all players, when the cause is out of player control.


Yeah, I also gotta work tomorrow early morning, so won’t have time to play either. I play on EUC as well.

But for the login track you just need to log in, claim and that’s all, right? Not play at all. Is there something I’m missing?
I also believe there should be a sort of compensation for EUC only, as we lost 12h+ gaming opportunity (mainly prime time). At least EUW, SA and NA had time to do some stuff and will have some time after the sudden maintenance, good for them :smiley: .

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Clueless, surely, everyone is unemployed.

Should just extend it, and they will i assume

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Although I wasn’t assuming everyone is unemployed. As I understood, OP referred to the login track, which you don’t need to play at all. Just open the game, click a character, and press on the icons of each login event to claim. Then you can just disconnect, right? One can do that in less than 10 minutes while doing another thing like preparing to go to work, taking breakfast, studying for a test… in the very morning when one wakes up.

I’m doing that tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday at least. Won’t be able to play neither tomorrow nor Friday nor Saturday at all due to work and studies (just to clarify I understand the situation).

Alright, lets just look at me huh.
I had to go to work today for 12 hour shift. Naturally, i couldnt do that.
When i come back, i have to Patch the game and there is no fast internet, so thats gonna be Many hours.
And yes, while i am at work, i certainly cannot log in.

Either way, should be extended, Simply as that. Its not a problem to do that. They did that many times

GeForce now. If U have a Smartphone you can do it. Log In at Work start in Background Look once after 5-10min click twice And done. Only setting IT Up should be done before (If U have a 12h Shift, you will have a Break for Sure)

Don’t you guys have phones you mean?
If they actually believe this is compensation and because of their additional hick ups people are not able to claim it, it would be kinda funny, don’t you guys think?

I see your situation. Yet I believed OP referred to unavailability to login due to the day-maintenance, not external reasons like internet speed. I just gave one quick solution to his problem of being unavailable to claim the login rewards, which doesn’t need you to play at all.

Not saying that the track shouldn’t be extended either. Extending it + giving an accordingly compensation to EUC only should be done for the prime time lost.

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As long as you have a phone and a not bad internet connection, you can use GeForce NOW to get on the game and claim the login reward, queues for EU are very short in the morning. All you need is to make an Nvidia account

not many people are IT kings

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Pretty sure most people don’t care about your GeForce NOW, if they have the disgrace to put the whole EUC to this so they can give compensation, they at least have to make it so everyone can easily obtain it, otherwise it just losses its value, and the whole compensation login thing is empty words.

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Though neither login track is a compensation. Didn’t they stated is to celebrate the server merges, not a compensation?

There should be a properly compensation, indeed.

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Can the NA players just get all the rewards without having to log in Since the server is still down for maint?