👀 Login in rewards no longer available?

I was excited to hear that AGS had extended this weeks login-reward window as that was going to allow me to reach the sunglasses, logging in this morning I was excited because it was the final day and I would soon have those glasses.

However, the option to receive rewards from the previous track is no longer there.
Please tell me this is a mistake… there are still two days on the extension track. :sob:

Im having the same issue. There were two tabs yesterday on the screen.

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I’m hopeful this was just a minor oversight, I can’t see any possible reason to not keep the previous reward track available during this extended period of time.

Same Im also having this issue, I even claim them all but for some reason a lot of them did not get sent to my mail. Please help

Hi all,

there was a time given when the first calendar event starts and ends, if you miss some days you were not eligible to hit 25th item that would release.

Please keep an eye on the events at the top of the daily log-in when the event start and ends.

Then why was it phrased in a way that insinuated that we could continue to gather them beyond the ending of the log in event?

There needs to be people that look at announcements with different pov’s and different understandings of english to make sure that stuff like this isnt misread and if it is, the message should be clarified to avoid getting the resulting false hope.


^^ This