Login Reward Reset - Some claimed, some did not

Hi, I am creating this topic to address an issue that happened earlier today where login rewards were made available to claim again for the first day. Some people took the opportunity to take it while others did not or did not have the chance to.

What is Lost Ark/Smile Gate/Amazon Games stance on this? It seems like those who claimed the rewards from a bug got an advantage, while others who did not loses out.

I hope there is an official stance and resolution.

i was online during that, and i did try to claim the reward but wasnt able to do it, and by the chat at that time, people werent able to claim it

Heard that some people had trouble claiming it. There are some who did, including my friend as reliable reference and he has already used the shards for honing.

Hello @Jelleefish

Thank you so much for bringing this topic to the forums. I apologize if this unexpected situation caused you any trouble on the gameplay.
By the time we don’t have any specific information related to this but I will stay aware and following up this situatiuon in order to bring new information as soon as possible.

You can also use the bug site to report this type of errors:

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