Login reward should extend

Some of us started to play the game late. Hopefully the login reward can delay so at least if we still can claim the 20days mount reward! Just dont wanna missing any skin!


I agree, I found out about the game too late…im in love with it but it seems im going to miss the 20 day login mount by 7 days… Im absolutely devastated to miss this super cute mount…its bad enough I missed out on the founders packs, and lost my pegasus mount due to a server change–
please please pleaseee extend the login reward date…or at least let our calendar dates continue after the cutoff date so we can claim the mount reward :frowning:

I too, agree with the extension of login rewards because i was on the wrong server and switched and also found all of my stuff was not account bound, there was also a week i was unable to play!

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