Login reward when reset?

What are you trying to say?

Which is unfair for those who are assiduous in logging in every day. I will miss 10 days of login because of people who have no commitment. Is it understandable now?
You need to distinguish irony from affirmation

Are you not happy with getting some pretty incredible rewards on a monthly basis?

Yes, it is designed for those who cannot log in every single day to collect the reward and then also synchronizes with the next patch of content. After this login period ends, we’ll be moving on to a new set of events and maybe new content.

Be happy a game is so generous to give such login rewards and be grateful that you can log in every day to collect them without missing a day.


You’re not missing anything. You can see from your own picture that you got everything. Those are the available rewards for the stated period.


All right, and in the next few days…?

Ah yes I now see what kind of person you are.
I am not surprised to see that kind of post from you then.

How is that unfair? I am sure you have no good reason behind but please explain.

You get all rewards. Still unfair to you? You want more? You want rewards that only you can get and no other players? You want to feel special?

Grow up.


You don’t get anything more because you’ve gotten all the rewards from this period. What about this aren’t you understanding?

What part did you not understand? Do you think I’m the only one who completed the rewards? The people who will run out of diaries for completing?
I said at the beginning of the text that the commitment to the game in logging in on the stipulated days and being without reward for 10 days, was an irony with those who meet fixed deadlines, even knowing that there is a period. The fact is that the purpose of the post was to see who completed it and comment on the remaining 10 days. Can you now understand?

You continue to play the game. The Log-in rewards have a reason they are not strict. You cannot expect everyone to log-in every day, It’s simply not going to happen for everyone.

Then what happens if it were the way you want? We’d get people with the opposite argument, saying they feel like they’re missing out because that can’t log-in everyday.

Playing everyday gets you those log-in rewards faster, without pushing those that can’t play daily. So what if you have to wait a week before it rotates? That’s time you don’t even have to worry about missing it.

They’re not some extravagant rewards that are necessary to play or really boost your progress that much. Yes, there are materials and other useful items for sure. Notice how those rewards are mostly in the first half of the reward chart though? It’s the same reason it doesn’t run the full month.

Can a game cater more to the people that play daily without fail? Sure, they could. But they’d eventually drive away more of the players that simply don’t get to play daily. Which I can assure you is a significantly larger part of the current playerbase.

“Its unfair that they dont give me free stuff in the way I want”

lol I love this forums


I know right!

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Did you sign a contract with the game where you were promised a reward for every day you logged in to play? I sure didn’t so I am really happy for the free bonus stuff when it comes! Manage your expectations and base them in reality. You will be happier that way.

I agree, but if there were continuous ways in the case, who ended the period so as not to run out of daily rewards. Benefiting those who cannot enter every day already exists than the period stipulated by the game, but what about those who enter every day? That was the point I wanted to address.

I’m very happy, I can play every day and still have a stable social life. God bless you

I think many of us understand perfectly. I, too, have completed all the log-in rewards. However, I am not a petulant child and expect free things just because I can log in every single day.

The fact is that the purpose of the post was to see who completed 
it and comment on the remaining 10 days

And where was it written? You post one picture without any description but only title with “Login rewards when reset?” And only with that we should understood “who completed it and what are their thoughts on the remaining days before maintenance?”

Damn you cleary missed the communication class.

I completed the rewards as well, do I complain that I will not receive anything else the last days before the reset? No.
Are you the only one? It seems so.

They understand perfectly that the act of not understanding the text makes their response childish. But it is understandable for people who are not in the habit of arguing their opinions.

@jvcneto Let me make myself clear: The only person acting childish here is you. Because you think you’re some kind of special unicorn that deserves more because you’ve completed the login reward schedule for the pre-designated period of time and somehow expect more rewards just because you got it done “early.”

Additionally, you have the gall to post a complaint in the feedback area without any shred of suggestion/feedback on how to improve the login reward system.