Login reward when reset?

The idea of ​​the image was to sharpen communication, in the same way that you are exposing your positions, I have explained it several times in previous comments, since it is possible to express your contrary or favorable opinions, as you do. I don’t understand the vocabulary, to want to exclaim if you can give an opinion and finish with your idea. No further

entitlement maxxing

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See that still has the same problem though. It doesn’t matter if it goes through the whole month, several or not.

Let me use Warframe as an example here. They have a daily login that goes daily. But the way it’s set up if you fall behind on rewards, or your days played, if they add any milestone rewards you’re completely behind and you won’t see them for a long while.

A similar thing would happen here. If you fall behind on logins, you’ll have the reward you’d have gotten from the next month much later. Which, from personal experience, feels absolutely awful. Especially if you take a break from the game between updates and whatnot. There’s no point in punishing players that can’t or don’t play every day in that way.

It’s far easier to think of log-in rewards as a bonus, rather than the necessity you seem to want to give them. They’re there as a bonus, and wouldn’t set you back if they didn’t exist.

The problem is there’s no good way to make it a constant reward/bonus, without it accidentally becoming worse for the more casual part of the audience. It’ll always end up as a system where you fall behind or miss out because you weren’t able to log-in,.

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If it was an Albion it would be better. But it is exactly, if there is compensation for those who cannot log in every day, why not have it for those who log in every day? That is, those who enter before the deadline would have more rewards, and those who cannot enter every day would have those that are there. Now if it’s hard for you to understand, I can’t do anything. I’m just sorry, mermaid.

The game very clearly designates a specific time period for the amount of rewards, and even shows you what you’re expected to get across the whole period.

What, pray tell, do you suggest they give you (because they gave a little of EVERYTHING) because you want to no-life this game every single day? This game is NOT Albion. So saying it should be like Albion helps no one understand what you’re trying to suggest.

Your opinion is plausible

Pleasure my name is albion

The system is designed to encourage you to log in everyday, not force you to. Of all the things to complain about, yours is “not enough free stuff”

What in the actual heck does this have to do with login rewards??

Login bonuses run through the period listed in-game, and will reset with the next content patch.

We intentionally offer this amount of rewards and do not plan on changing this to hit every day. While it’s great that you may be able to play every day, we understand that not everyone can, which is why things like this are limited and is also why we have systems in place like the Rest Bonus


Let me make myself clear: The only person acting childish here is you. Because you think you’re some kind of special unicorn that deserves more because you’ve completed the login reward schedule for the pre-designated period of time and somehow expect more rewards just because you got it done “early.”

you read what you write?

ALbion is an npc and I don’t refer to another game.

Do YOU read what you write? At this point you’re embarassing yourself.
Just stop with this entitlement. Be grateful that there’s even daily rewards in the game, very HANDY ones at that. Have a great day.

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So this confirms the april content patch is on april 14th as thats when the current login reward cycle ends?

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Doesn’t mean it will be the BIG content patch with like… Destroyer and South Vern if they don’t change anything.

Yeh exactly. Unless they delay it, April 14th is going to be the South Vern/Destroyer + whatever theyve changed patch

They could technically run 2 content patches with the one on the 28th being the big one /shrug. Until they say something I’m not getting my hopes up.

If anything we`ll get south vern + any side content on the 14th then valtan 2 weeks later. Which im fine with

With how much people complained about Argos I doubt we’ll get it that fast.

Would only work if they bring honing changes on the 14th and valtan on the 28th with a boatload more resources to get people to 1415

Right now i’m just parking everyone at 1340, too much annoyance trying to get to 1370

You could consider taking a much needed break from your computer if something like this is so upsetting. Think of it like taking vacation time at your job. Something to help focus your mind on what’s really important.

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