Login Rewards Reset

Hello my daily login rewards reset? was this intentional or is it because you get a different set if you were 50? Ive played thursday onward. What is going on?


same with me help us @Roxx

Reset as in restart from day 1?

My rewards rests now, i was play since 2/8 and reset

Also mine, Day 1 … I was on day 6 already

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Yes this happened on Neria as well back to day one when I’m meant to be day 4 or 5.

Same here, it was 5 days claimed and somehow i’ve claimed day one.

My login rewards also resets to day 1 !

will it also be resettet for those who couldnt login?

yes, I was forced to claim day one again and lost all my progression

For sure. They expect you to stand up in the middle of the night, quit your job. Only to see the numbers in the Queue pop up on your screen.

Sorry for the sarcasm. I could not play since Friday. Love the head start but now it is jumping from one disappointment to another, and no light at the end of the tunnel or silver lining is in sight.

Disappointed from statements made that were not kept. Like we will lock down servers.
We are prepared.

How can you fail so hard?

Mine also restarted from day 1. Have played every day since head start open.

mine also reset to day 1
and 20 days login reward changed as well.
it was camel but now its…horse

Have the same issue. Claimed my day 6 this morning, got the achievement for 50 hours, then shorlty after, noticed a new notification in the top left. Went to check it out and now I’m back at day 1. The whole of the side rewards have changed too from what I have noticed :frowning: I saw somewhere that changing character can help but i’m yet to try this.

back to day 1 and there is information that reward was claimed bc it was

/edit after switching characters everything went back to normal

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Mine has reset aswell

Mine was also resetted on Mokoko.

Had issues with daily reward in the afternoon that it had “ended” and now it just resetted.