Login rewards reset!

Login rewards just reseted on my alts ONLY.

They reset on my main and now there’s not enough days in the remaining period to get to the end.

EDIT - now it’s saying it ended. I have no idea what’s going on …

Mine also now says the login event has ended - what the heck?


Can confirm there is glitches in the Matrix.

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I was on my main and they had reset.

Login event has ended apparently, it started from scratch and when I restarted the game it says it has ended. but will be fine right? :face_in_clouds:

just be patient, for those who claimed the reset day 1 bit . It keeps resetting and offering day 1 rewards over and over DO NOT CLAIM IT. once is a mistake more then that and its abusing a bug and can get u introuble

It just resetted on me.

I am gonna restart my game again and see if its fixed. :\ i just wanted to play some lost ark before i go to work.

Reset for me as well. Logged in with Alt

What does the login reward have to do with preventing you from playing?

it reseted for me too… i was at day 10.

i feel like the game may go down while im mid content?

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note, It just fixed for me back to day 10 and got my regular reward, i think the moderator team fixed it :O!

Same for me, it reset then I just waited a bit and all was good.

Solution here

Another post about some issues with the reset:

Got the first reward, hope not to get banned for that. As far as I’m concerned, they can have it again