Logs-in for 365 consecutive days

Players who logged into Lost Ark every day this year will receive an additional prize.

  1. Thanks for letting us know this now.

  2. Please call my ISP and let them know that they have to keep my internet up 365 days.

  3. Please make sure that in 2023 nothing happens in real life.

  4. Who ever thought of this idea please have a live stream interview so we can get a thought process behind this idea.



Can’t see any problems here.
It’s not AGS’s or SG’s fault that you have a faulty provider or IRL problems.
It’s like saying they should hold or move events to another schedule because you have exams this week…

Stop being entitled.

Moving forward, any player who logs-in for 365 consecutive days will also earn this special trophy.

Over the past year, three days with longer than expected maintenances will be exempt from the count - 2/11/22, 9/7/22 and 9/28/22.

So you can still get it from now on. Now you know what you have to do, so make sure to not fail

Are you actually getting bent over a stronghold structure reward? Lmfao


imagine if you missed just one day of login because of the extended 18hr maintenance.


Stonghold structure as a reminder that your life revolves around a video game?

Or spending time with family, friends, loved ones?

Ive played from launch, and i couldnt give a rats arse about not getting this reward, id take camping trips with the lads, weekends away with my partner, the birth of my first child over a damn structure in a video game that no one will ever even praise you about.

" oh man, you have the 365 day structure in your stronghold, man I wish I was as cool as you. "

QQ harder.


Man if you’re going to troll at least cover all the points. This is some rookie copy and paste reply.


its not a troll
these people who have been playing everyday got a reward for it
you are not one of them, whats your problem? the reward has 0 ingame advantage over you


If they’ve logged in for 365 consecutive days it’s cool they get something.

Oh i guess i forgot to cover the last point?
Let’s see… whoever idea it was, it was a good idea.

There, all fixed.

I won’t get it, because I’m usually offline like 2 days a week, but this doesn’t mean i want others to NOT receive it as well.

Like i said, stop being entitled.

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It literally says in the patch notes, that days when there were maintenance problems are excluded.

Im fine with this as long as the structure doesnt have some insane bonus. Ill just be a bit angry that i missed out on it and have a long streak of days to go.

Better hope no natural disasters happen near you in 2023. :grimacing:


No vacations for you! And you better login when you have to go to the hospital too! No excuses!


That comment made me laugh :rofl:

So I was falsely banned for 2 days with bot ban wave back in a day, but I played everyday, so am i getting reward or not? If not whose fault it is? @Roxx


Really wish they would change it to 365 accumulative logins instead of consecutive. I get that they need to push play time but this is almost pushing the game as a job.


The trophy is only for certified nolifers


That’s a little better. If you’re going to be a white knight and be a brown-noser you have to cover all the topics.

Also, you have no idea what entitled means. You’re just throwing the word around. Rookie troll.

That’s what you get for being with the unmentionables

The first time i saw this was on ResidentEvil.net, they do have an archievement for logging in everyday.
But that is a comunity portal, i am sure many ppl would get that price if it was for coming here! :rofl:
But yah. i failed that one after 180 or so days, got bored of repetitive missions on Resident Evil Revelations 2.