Lol 1475+ iLvl restriction in Valtan HM?

I thought this was funny.
Valtan is so ez and yet people only want to run with 1475+?

I mean MAYBE Vykas, but really? Valtan? hahahaha

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they want a speed run, that’s why


It’s about time efficiency and average player quality. People who have been playing for a while have all 1490+ characters.

There are lots of really bad players, even at 1475 lately, in valtan. To the point where it becomes a 2-3 player bus.


should have seen the lobby who only ask for 1475+ for argos. when literally there is barely any point for those players to run it other than bussing.

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I think its just funny and a little eliteist.
If you are 1500+ doing Valtan, then you shouldnt really care about the other ilevels, just goes to show how selfish some of the community is.
I have a 1536 main and yet my 1450 alt can’t get into a party.
Guess I will wait until the guild is online, just thought it was funny and worth discussion :stuck_out_tongue:


can you explain to me why you made a 1536 main and 1450 alt, rather than say a 1520 main vs 1490 alt (i think thos eprice is the same)

trying to understand why people honing so high


there is no incentive for getting an mvp, it just shows your name on the screen which no one really cares except the mvp, maybe if there was a reward for getting mvp

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There is no incentive for doing Hell either doesnt mean players dont like to clear it.

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been playing from the start and have only 1 1490 1 1460 1 1445 1 1430 and 1 1420. so it doesnt stack that all would have 1490+

how about the title?

o yeah the title, now that would be a decent reward if players where not earning it doing a buss.

Its impossible to know who did it and who took a bus and the price you pay in consumables is insane for just a title.

Still players decide to do it because its a achievement.

Just trying to say its not always about the reward, its also the experience of what ever you achieve

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i have almost the same roster as you.
1495 1465 1450 1445 1430 1422 1420 1415
Those are more current roster for 1 each. Reason i dont hone any higher? because i am working to get them geared better instead of wasting money on more honing like engraving books, accessories and ability stones. They cost a bunch.

my advice never to invest in 5x3 on alts unless u have extra gold. Always invest in gems . Why? cause if you bored of that alt/want to play less alts you can transfer gems and fuse for diff char.

Honing/engraving can’t transfer over that easily. So going cheap engraving + lvl 9 gem is good way

Depends on which alts, i am invested in 3 of the alts + 1 main because they are classes i appreciate more than my other alts which will stay as budget builds. I am more invested having proper builds and future builds that i want like Awakening engraving so in the future if i get a support class i love to play and want to invest in it. I will.

i dont hone because BAD LUCK! and all alts geared 4*3+1. and lvl 5 gems. still hate gatekeeping.

for some getting on that mvp screen is a nice feeling, to some it doesn’t matter, but every time someone gets mvp I don’t really care, maybe if there was a reward for that mvp, id be typing “dang gz on the mvp”

You’re BARELY on the Valtan HM minimum required item level ( 5 above ), so it’s obvious random group doesn’t want to take you in. They intend to do a quick farm run, not guild prog run. With your main over 1500 you should have known that by now.

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if there was a reward high geared players will group with lower geared players or higher geared players will not get accepted because they would never win the mvp.

imagen a person with a very big wallet coming in the lobby hitting mvp left right and center
players will just gatekeep them

I have a feeling that nowadays vet players are more entitled than new ones and expect others to babysit their shitty, undergeared alts for some unknown reason.

Edit: that’s the reason

From now on pug groups will carry your low alt out of respect for your 1536 main.
Seems logical.

Tell me .Will you use your main and go to random party finder group with 5/8 people on ilv in order to just finish the content ??Are you going to Vykas hard with bunches on ilv 1460 with 4x3?? For what?
Sometime people just want to play with people with similar gear and commitment.