Lol 1475+ iLvl restriction in Valtan HM?

Even at the minimum ilevel Valtan hm is easy. If you need a 1500 ilevel to beat it quickly then you either are not paying attention to the mechanics or you didn’t break Valtan’s armor.


I have a 1536 Scrapper (have had for months)
1490 Sorc
1490 Paladin
1450 Reaper

Sorry if I honed too high for you, got my +25 weapon in September

The post was about Valtan, not Vykas…

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thats fine I just wondered how you were approaching the game.

I have 1517.5, 1495 x5 personally. Never bothered to push past g6 ilvl and honed more alts. Fed all the free honing stuff to alts and main just self sustained itself

under geared? lol, you shouldn’t make assumptions…

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Yes I take my main and am not eliteist, nor do I run bus’s, I just grab a bunch of people and get it done. I like to try and help out where I can.


I guess I am struggling with the people who only want to do content that is ez with people who can crush the content. If its ez, you get bored and move on…
I like to try and help out where I can.


yea on all my alts I just join double orb parties. Idc about ilvl, even if its full 1445 i end up pulling 45-50% of the dmg which is fine.

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Oh don’t be surprised in future there will be Akkan gear only, all lvl 10 gems and LoS30 just for valtan.

Better get your glasses pal.

What assumptions? You literally admitted your alt was 1450, so yes you are undergeared.

So what it’s easy? Takes too much time.

Hone your cheepo alt up a bit more or ask friends ( if you have any ) to boost you instead of coming here crying.

Let me guess - OP is a 1445 trying to get into a 1475 party.


I saw 1485 deskaluda and 1490 for Boss Rush. Happens unfortunately.

  1. The post is about Valtan. Do you even know the iLvl for Valtan HM? perhaps you are the one who needs to see an optometrist.
  2. Perhaps you mistyped. You mean under level, not under geared. noob mistake to make, but I guess if the shoe fits…
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Some even require 1500+, they are usually the ones who do x2 wei kekw

Being a newbie restarting in EUC from EUW , with a 3x3 vs people in 4x3 and more and they carpeting in valtan normal is priceless.

I always try to go parties filled with newbies , at least they learn and don´t quit after 1 failed mechanic.

If anything Lost ark should make valtan equalize all this 5x3 and lets see if they can do all the mechanics , most of them dont even know certain mechs or dont even care.


i usually run with 1500+ so i can be done with it in 10 mins
both gates obv

And? Problem? I gues not.

If a someone decide to Open a Group for exampel Valtan 1500 and the player wants 1500 and he build a 1500 Group. Why are u triggerd by that?

That is not selfish,arrogant or whatever u think.

Have u wished for a free buss?

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Shhh… don’t give them logic to try and digest. They just angry that they don’t get accepted into the higher ilvl groups since they want a free carry.

Yesterday I had g3 clown rehearsal left so I looked in the party finder. A player was sitting alone waiting with a 1460 level restriction. 15 minutes later I checked again. He was still sitting alone still with 1460+. Another party had sprung up that didn’t care, so I joined them and completed it easy. We even had 2 supports because again why care? Just fill the party and complete it. Don’t sit for tens of minutes gatekeeping for the “perfect” party.

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Yea i know :s

but this whole thread is usueless. If OP wants free carry he should pay. :smiley: