Lol nerf lol. this is global server

Decreased the difficulty of the Caliligos Guardian Raid LUL.
this is global server. :joy:

it is a server for newbie and cheap. :rofl: Everyone please report me again and remove the post. This is a patch to let you know that you guys can’t play the good nice game to this nerf. lol

Can you clear kuku gate 3 without skipping mario 4? or brel g6 without cheesing yellow meteor?
You’re already skipping/cheesing so many mechanics in all raids.

This nerf will be released at Kr too, just like every other nerf…
This time it is NEEDED since that guardian raid is just annoying not challenging.


whats the brel cheese?

You logout when you have the golden meteor on you (but that literally kills your character)


theres no way people are actually doing this as their clear condition

People actually do that… LOL

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Literally just dropped 20 IQ reading this OP


Imaging a daily content that is not fast and easy
oh wait we have sick community that flex on such things I forgot

@disssssse come 1vs1 me in pvp if you are so skilled

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lol’d. pvpers in any mmo are the rejects that weren’t cut out for things like street fighter. actual C team type of people

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LOL i was gonna make a comment to his post but when i read your reply…that’s golden lol so true

calliligos is just annoying man

It is super annoying, he moves a lot for no real reason kekw

don’t need to. its an mmo and pvp in any mmo, not just lost ark, is a meme. these games aren’t designed to have intricate pvp mechanics and the only people that bother with it are those that want to be good at fighters but too shit execute. its ok to be a dreamer, not ok to be delusional


making up stupid facts out of your ass
typicall forum andy
think what you want
you have mmo games which had large pvp focus like dragonest and albion online
infact, pvp is pretty much the endgame in every mmo, only here people has made pve their end game, thats why theyre obsessed with doing latest content on day 1 and grinding like brainless zombies… as if it is some kind of achievement

yeah l played dn for 8 years. pvp was a meme there too. your only argument in favor of pvp mmos is black desert and thats primarily because it was an mmo designed around it hence it having borderline 0 pve investment

yeah and fortnite is the epitome for fps gamers for the last 2 decades

the only fact is you rarely find strong fighter game experience in an mmo environment. you could potentially be the best one in the world but your competition is an infant relatively speaking.

a true fighter enjoyer will kick your teeth in given enough time to learn the classes just like someone that grew up on CS will body your fortnite andy all day long

dragonest pvp was a meme?
pvp is not the endgame?
you are just wrong
think what you want and which fits your narrative, but facts are beyond you

Dark and Darker>LA pvp :laughing:

maybe on release but l played it from 2012 until 2021 and year after year end game was raiding. pvpers quickly died off because surprise, no one gives a shit about pvp in mmos and if the general consensus is garbage tier content, you get garbage tier competition and without competition, everyone is shit since theres no one to challenge each other’s potentials

all you get in the end is 5 retards jerking each other off in dead content thinking they’re top tier when in reality its just dunning kruger syndrome at its finest

Come back to us when your region does a world first 1 engraving hellmode clear

Oh wait you can’t because global already did it