Lol nerf lol. this is global server

dragonest in 2021? lol the game died way before that, nobody played back then
theres a new dragonest game (kind of) coming up and most of the comments are about the pvp, so no, it was far from meme


So you’re telling us you suck at the very game you’re defending in every post?
I’m like shocked, shocked I tell you! Needed :rofl: :rofl:

No, im actually pretty good at lost ark :o

If you really think being able to kill Cali means you are “good” at the game you are just so wrong lmao.

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But but the nerf was needed you said, so you’re obviously not. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Needed in capital even, so you’re saying you blatantly lied to “make a point”:question:
Can’t take you serious anymore man, it’s all over now. :rofl: :rofl:

It is actually NEEDED in order for people to actually do the guardian raid, right now the raid is annoying as hell, i know a lot of people who just skip it and do turtle.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t do cali.

But if you really think being able to finish cali = pro player then i guess you are not that good in any game lol

Yeah people like you, I get it don’t worry it’s our little secret :wink: :wink:
You know people? Wuuut? :rofl:

I do 2x Cali on 6 characters every day.

That doesn’t mean i don’t find it ANNOYING.

I agree MMO pvp is shit, but LMAO at your fighting game fetish.

My cali runs are 5mins each (sometimes less than that) x2= 10mins per character x 6 = 60mins (1 hour) per day.
I guess you are not good at math or your runs take more than 10mins lmao-

Imagine saying “you need a life” just because i use 1 hour of my day on a video game i enjoy…

Im pretty sure you waste more than 1 hour a day here in the forums just complaining, i guess the one who “needs a life” is you lol.

its the skill set the genre comes with. you don’t expect fps players to come out of indie games or pvpers to come out of shooters. you want good pvpers, you look at pvp games not mmos lmao

How do you cheese yellow meteor?

We still need to see how much the nerf work on stage, all these changes could be small numbers for what that guy does. And as for Lazy ppl who doesnt like to move much, and are bad at predicting the Raid Bosses behavior, could still prove to be a problem.

So instead of joining a raid Boss that will kill you within 4 minutes, people will fall into another long fight (deska style) for 8-12 Minutes.

We will see tomorrow… it will be interesting…

Im not “triggered” what are you talking about?

Im just explaining why “no lifer” is not accurate lol

You alt f4 when you get the Golden meteor and it disappear (but your character die ofc)

Ahh I hadn’t heard of that. Clever if you can’t make it you can save a run I guess

Most of my friends who are good at fighting games suck shit at MMO PvP, so I disagree.

not a game worth pvping in??? its a MMO allot of shit is imbalanced how can you faceroll players with a OP char and say your good??? exactly…

i am NO where near a carebear kiddo but thanks for showing me you like to make a complete ASS of your self and make ASSumptions …

i play many PVP game…in fact one of my greatest things i do is retain grandmaster rank for 4 years in startcraft 2, and the highest level in starcraft 1, have over 22k hours logged and am a 21 time GM …thats just in starcraft… i am a 3 time global elite in CS… challenger 1 time in LoL
and masters in overwatch…

sooo calling me a carebear is… a joke to yourself the least…

It seems like you have a negative opinion about the recent change to the difficulty of the Caliligos Guardian Raid on the global server. However, it’s important to understand that game developers make changes to the game to accommodate a wide range of players and skill levels. This can include adjustments to the difficulty of certain content in order to make it more accessible to a larger audience. While it may not align with your personal preferences, it’s important to be respectful of the developers’ decisions and understand that they have the best interests of the game and its player base in mind. Additionally, it’s not productive or respectful to make negative comments about other players or to encourage others to report someone’s post. Instead, it’s always better to engage in constructive and respectful discourse.

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This change was not really made just because of NA, in KR the base game start at 1490, that means new players have to face Cali and they get stomped by it, thats why they are nerfing it so we are the guinea pigs right now

you are equating an annoying boss fight where the target goes untargettable multiple times, spams long range cross map movement skills and is generally just an annoying overall experience to challenge.

Especially when it’s something we’ve killed now 200+ times.

Now those that have suffered through this obnoxious meth squirrel for the past 200+ kills can chill a little and those who actively avoid the fight will actually do the fight.

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