LOL Valtan still has 9000 Queue after the patch and sever fix is this a joke

Seriously guys ?

You took the sever down for maintenance for 3 hours. Throw it back on and people started getting lag, D/C and infinite loading screen. You pushed out a 20mb patch and now the queue is back to 10K again ? WTF is this ?

It is 6AM in the morning on a Saturday, tell me how many bots are still in the game causing this queue ? FFS…


Hotfix was for instance crashes not for bot problem.

no ? the hotfix for instance crash already happened yesterday. Do you not remember downloading a 30mb hotfix yesterday ?

funnily enough, still crashed and im back in queue… soo… :smiley:

1k Gold for every Bot. What did you expect if AGS made an event for Bots?
gg Amazon

MB just noticed that there was another today.

Yep, this is bullpoop. Was over an hour to login in yesterday as well. They could easily fix this by having some dev types go in game and simply write down the charter names of bots and delete them, they all run the same routes, so not difficult. Add in the fact that they all have names like sdfasdfasd and it should be pretty easy.

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I didn’t even get a chance to crash !! cuz guess what I was greeted with 9K queue upon log in …

This is unreal honestly, it is exactly like last night. They claimed they reduced the server size. And they should have restored the size based on their patch note for the 3 hours maintenance . And of course nothing happened.

Yeah dw, I gave up on the queue when I saw 10k before, im on genshin now LOL


This is the same on Mari. It’s 6 am on a Saturday and there is a queue of 3000+ Like seriously? I waited 2 hours to get on last night, and now I get to wait on off-peak hours too. What happened to no queue? We were doing fine a week ago…


bots, bots and bots…
I’m telling you if AGS ban all the bots you gonna see steam charts showing 30K players and there is no way they going let that happen.

Undoubtfully they have server issue on Mari and Valtan. They seem to have fixed Mari in a better shape than Valtan. Cuz Valtan is just as bad as last night right about now.

I swear if this game was sub based, they would lost so many subs by now. But again, maybe they would take us more seriously if this game was Sub based…

10,200 at 630 am =/

waited 3 hours to play last night…Just to have the server go down for maint. wake up and still have these ques.

that is what I am saying it is a freaking joke.
They didn’t delete any of the bots from yesterday it seems, and introduced new infinite loading screen and lags for many more people. Some even getting BSOD it seems…

While bots continue to harvest the shit out of this game and real players cannot log in.
Not paying a penny more for this game at this shape …

Still crashes. I got kicked out and got a 9k queue when try login back in. GG Amazon

Thats pretty bad, and kinda weird its only on NA servers. EUC has some bots but not enought to make queues.

400k bots for 30k players, seems good to me, worth the investment

yeah, I am not convinced it’s bots. We had inordinate amounts of bots pre-update as well, and it didn’t cause anything like this. The fact that it happened all of a sudden indicates there is no doubt a server tweek with the newest update that needs to be ironed out.

It is not ONLY bots yes… Bots number have gone up from player experience of course we don’t know that for sure but come on lets face it. when AGS claim the bots were banned we saw a difference. And then they came back in full force.

Then we get this…

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We can’t tell for EUC rn, we had a maj this morning forcing bots out,
We may have the same issue at 8pm UTC tonight or tomorrow on crowded servers like Zinnervale.

Is still early right now wait until people start to wake up later on and find out servers are in worse shape than last night LOL this forum going get lit up …

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