LoLA Helgaia Pet Chest

Hi, i have bee doing those “watch four hours of one of our suggested streamers and get a free thing”.
So far i’ve gotten the fox pet and the hoverboard.
And i was working towards the bird pet. (LoLA Helgaia Pet Chest)
But it got stuck at 17%.

Is this a known thing?
Anybody knows how to fix it?

Tried logging off / reconnecting my steam and twitch to the site and everything, all over again.
But it didnt help. Still stuck at 17% :frowning:

Same thing happened to me, but mine is stuck at 57. Not sure why. Weird. I’ve gotten everything else though.

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I am experiencing the same behavior. Have been watching Lost Ark streams pretty much constantly for the past 2 days and the LoLA Helgaia Pet Chest drop stopped at %9 remaining yesterday at around 4PM EST. Is this expected?

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

From what I can see the issue is regarding the progress on the Twitch platform itself and not regarding claiming the rewards in-game. So I recommend you contact Twitch support for help!

They can assist you there!

Let me know if you have any other questions!


If I were to guess it’s because the streamers are all doing the new drops.
I can’t find anyone streaming for the mask drop, chest drop, or the Helgaia drop. Even though you have until March.

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omg there’s a chest drop?? damn!

And yeah, i know it’s until March.
So they should be still doing them. But they dont?

They are tiered and by now they have all worked past the first unlocks. Can’t find any that are doing the early unlocks.

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The Twitch site has the deadline for all of them as March 1. Are we not going to be able to earn those “earlier” drops? They should have changed the end date if there will be no further chances to get them. This is… upsetting.


The labeling for this is misleading, they should at least update it on the adverting campaign window on Twitch.

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Looks like some streamers are doing earlier drops if you catch them.

yeah. i’m always watching streamers who have them enabled.
i am fully connected and everything is enabled.
but my drops are stuck loading%

any ideas how to fix this maybe?

About too late at this point. I had a couple stuck, but when they restarted the cycle, I was able to unlock them. What stuck them was the streamer moving on to the next unlock before I was able to finish it. Last day, I find it unlikely to get them done. Sorry couldn’t be more help.