Long cooldown on whirlind grenades after DC

I was disconnected in Alarics Santuary because some guy quit the game and now my whirlind grenades looks like the picture below:


Its says the cooldown is 193 days, please fix this bug.
I tried quit the game and relogin but nothing works.

See you in 6 months!

Only kidding, I will promptly report this bug to the team.

Have you tried removing it from the hotbar? Then replacing it again? It could be purely visual. Does this cooldown still appear if you enter an area where battle items can be used?

I await your response :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Thank you for your response. I’ve tried removing them from the hotbar but the issue is still there. I went to an area were I can use the item but still I have the problem :frowning:

This is after the maintenance on the Vykas server, my character is on that server.


Okay, it might also be worth opening a ticket with our support team, they may be able to assist you.