Long loading before the server selection screen

Hi all
I premise in those two days my connection is not really stable.
Yesterday when i opened the game, i had a long loading time after the splash screen and right before the server selection screen. The screen went black, i can still move the cursor(lost ark cursor not windows one) and i can hear the background sounds. After 10-15 seconds the game load the server selection screen and from that point the game works like a charm as always.
This is still happening today every time i open lost Ark.

Is this cause my connection are not stable in those two days?
Any help?

I know is not a big deal but i dont like to wait 15 more seconds considering how the game is already slow itself when starting.

I already verified the file integrity on steam and restarted my router.

Sorry to hear you’re having these issues :frowning: .

I’ve moved this over to the support section so our support team can check into this for you.

Hello @aznapoderfla and @Centeotl thank you for moving this to our support section.

Welcome to our Forums , we appreciate you let us know the steps you done so far to try to resolve this @aznapoderfla , please try this additional troubleshooting steps ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ ☆゚ :

After this if the issue persist please submit a web ticket to our support team for us to investigate this further since we need more information from your account.

Hope you have an excellent week , take care.

Any news??
In italy (where i live) we are having some trouble with internet in those days.
Do you think this issue is related to this?
Some user are experiencing this too?
I know is not a big deal is just little annoying…
Btw today is 50/50 sometimes happens what i said, sometimes the server selection screen load fast as alaways.

This isn’t your internet etc this is fundamentally an issue with the client.
Long load time from game launch to initial login due to EAC
Long load times loading character screen
Putting installation on to an SSD makes zero difference either
Generally put down to spaghetti code and bad optimization

any user are experiencing my same issue?
i just need to know if is a common issue or is just me?
I dont need copy and paste article from the support, just a confrontation with others user of the game!

Hello @aznapoderfla,

Thank you for following up on this topic. This is not considered an issue or bug but is actual system behavior while all the needed data loads up.

Thank you for your feedback and see you in Arkesia! :wolf:

Before latest patches this never happened. Are u saying to me that this is caused by last update?
i saw some twitch streamers and i asked to some friends and nobody have this issue…