Long queue = not a game for casual players

It was a good start, plenty of things to do for a casual gamer. Pretty much all classes are viable, plenty solo/group. No pay wall.

This game had everything going for it as far as casual players were concerned.

But queue time mean it’s not possible if you have only an hour a day to spend on a game. If a gamer require a casual gamer to spend 5-30 minutes out of a one hour possible game time, then they will just walk away.

People blame bots, other blame devs, some even blame publisher. It doesn’t matter at the end of the day it’s driving the casual gamers away. Hardcore gamers need casual gamers to maintain a game economics.

At this rate I don’t see this game lasting more than 6 months from now. Even if they fix things in 3-6 months, it’ll be too late. Casual gamers don’t come back, they are investing time somewhere else.

At this rate I don’t see this game lasting more than 6 months from now

Why do people constantly have such ridiculous takes? Go away

Sorry dude only bots allowed GL next time.

LOL you are right! Sadly

First of all mmos are inherently time sinks so there’s that but also long queue = bots + cheaping out on server capacity… so pick your target and shoot.

Time sinker killing mobs, fedex quests sure. Starring at login screen? No thank you!