Long Queues on Enviska *HELP!

This is insane. The queues in Enviska this weekend have been close to 10,000. It takes close to an hour to even login to play the game. Someone please do something!

They won’t…they havn’t replied to any of these posts or the fact GVG is still broken they don’t care…let it go

“…no1 comes to save u but urslf is the true savior…”

turn off the pc, take a nap and come back after~

Same thy are so annoying, at this point disable new accounts from playing the game.

I just feel like drastic measures need to be taken for the NA version of this game. NA has problems that KR did not. There needs to be some sort of drastic overhaul to get rid of bots. This game is unplayable on Fridays and the Weekend, which is the only time casual players have to devote to this game…

They would never consider drastic measures. The most extreme realistic drastic measure is to lockdown all the servers. Unfortunately, Roxx as their representive as stated their refusal to do so because they care to much about the imaginary huge influx of new players trying to play Lost Ark in the coming months. They truly care to much about every single potential new player that they’re willing to set aside their bot priority to make sure their imaginary new players can play their bot infested game for the coming months.

10k que in Enviska. Looks like I will be playing Borderlands Wonderland tonight not waiting a hour to log in.