Long wait times for pvp queue and playing against the same people over and over

Anyone else experiencing this? Did most people quit because they have locked out everyone from pvp content for months at a time in a competitive pvp oriented game?

Thanks for your feedback regarding PvP, MrHappy.

What do you think would be the single biggest improvement the dev team could make to improve your experience?

Nobody’s playing pvp at the moment, so who do you want to be matched with?

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start season 2 already, this is bs.no other game has this long wait time.

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Not reset the shop.

If you reset pvp shop, you can bet almost nobody will play pvp.

improve the matchmaking system so we aren’t getting 2 supports vs 3 dps.
Connect the competitive seasons together with no down time.
Let us que with are friends in competitive.
Let people earn pvp tokens continuously so your not in these down times with no real reason to do pvp other then weeklies or if you enjoy it.( It’s hard to enjoy even for the people that enjoy pvp when nobody is playing it and you sit in inf ques never getting to play)

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Thank you for your feedback.

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Hey! Thank you for the reply!

I think the single most important thing for pvp would be to not have breaks of more than a week in between seasons or else have some sort of pvp event running during the break so we have something pvp related to fill the void of off season.

Or else record our progress at the end of the season and let us keep playing all the competitive modes in a more casual way to allow us to try different build and what not before the next season starts.

People tend to not want to play pvp if there is no reward or progression happening. I have been stuck at Ultra 1 and cannot progress further and have most of the pvp shop items locked until I can progress my rank.

Also preventing a team from having two supports would be a major help! Coming from a support main it is very frustrating to be places in a match with another support and get stomped down from the enemy team.

Thank a bunch for YOUR feedback. Season event timings definitely seem like something people on the forums would like changed :thinking: .

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well at last you have someone to Q with , EUW is so dead you can’t find any match.

Thanks for looking into this! Many of my friends and I feel like we’re getting a slap in the face with every week the off season drags on.

It’s like you’ve got a bunch of wolves in an enclosure and feed them weekly, but then one day wake up and decide “Hey guys, in 2 weeks we’re going to stop feeding you. Stay tuned for more updates!” and then they haven’t seen any new flesh in a month and are beginning to turn on each other and/or die of starvation.

Every other zoo is feeding their wolves weekly, only missing one week at most every several months.

Why won’t you feed us?

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That is no good at all!

If we look at League of Legends for example they save your rank at the end of the season but then you are allowed to continue to rank during the off season in a casual way.

Like you could have ended the season in gold but then climbed higher to diamond in off season or even dropped lower in off season. However, it still won’t affect your end of season official rank.

the biggest feedback: improve anti-cheat
the amount of people cheating with speedhack AND no stand up CD is amazing how long is taking for AGS/SG take action.
PVP is the only thing I still do in this game, but I am about to quit for good.
PVE is a chorus and PVP has no balance at all.
you have classes with infinit dashes, shields, protections, damage, low CD.
Fighters( lots of dash skills) which can close gap within 1 to 2 skills maximum, Destroyer with lots of immunities/shields/damage and CC`s, Arcanists with crazy mobility + high damage ceiling with low CD and huge AOE, Sorcerer with no Casting time and lots of insta skills with high damage

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I have not experienced this problem yet as I have not been able to play competitive PVP so far.

I would have to agree with you that it would be the number one concern to fix cheating in pvp foremost.

The pvp content outside of it , is not that much ( at least till we get Rowen ) for someone to can practice .
I see why some may not want to do PVP , it matches newbies with high ranked players , which for someone may be a big turn off from doing it at all , specially when you are new to this .

It needs to match people in the same tier , and not Bronze with Platinum and up .

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The MM is atrocious in this game. It will place 2 extremes 1 ultra on one team and 2 limit 20-1 and 1 ultra on the other team…

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How about placing people in their own battle with other players in skills. If say for example me only scores say <1000 battle field points the system should be que me with players of similar score when ever possible.

Would like to see a 1v1 death match not 6 people individually battling it out. Again matching players by battle field score averages. This would give people who have high battle score a break from us players who can’t compete with them. Then when they have to compete with player of their own tier we can listen to them complain that no one wants to pvp against them. Because, they forgot that all them kills came from targets like me.

PvP shop being resetted made pvp not worth it for people.

I said multiple time ages ago that pvp shop should NOT be resetted as it made no sense.

But since its resetted, no way in hell i will touch pvp . Its just not worh it.

Meanwhile if pvp shop wasnt resetted, many would still engage in pvp - but without it, nope.

Too late now. It was hard grind to unlock pvp shop when game came out, and pvp shop had great value . But now, it has very little value, and to unlock it would take 2-3 times more because of fewer people that play now.

No suprise this happened.

Not to mention, the pvp shop rewards are barely anything these days. Basically equivalent for 1370 Argos gear.