Long waiting Cues solution is plain as day to solve

I spend 40 or so min waiting to log in every day then i get message that we have 3 hour server down time…

Why not solve all your over crowding by opening 3 Ociana servers in this region

you will pick up millions of players from Australia, Indonesia , Malaysia , Singapore, Thailand , New Zealand and India

Alone with that large a population it make good common Sence and good value to open these servers

So please help us play the game we waited for such a long time

Thank you for the great job so far



They don’t have a license to publish the game in those countries, as far as I know. Only EU and NA.

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We have a large OCE player base here, they will peter off one by one due to lag, 100% best thing they could do right now but they are holding out for whatever reason, and its not publishing rights.

Most of us would be happy with not now, but we are working on it.
All we get is., “We have no plans”
So basically shows the interest level in the OCE players, that the game company has.

Sorry, for your queues, on the bright side they will reduce over time as the Aussies quit, and you’ll be left with a handful of hardcore Aussies.
Diablo4 comes out in 2023 hopefully and you can bet they will have OCE servers.

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Yes, they didn’t, then they did, it has nothing to do with publishing rights, that changed in November

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Wait time is getting worse and for it to be ignored by amazon is so frustrating

Of course they have a license… That is OLD news that they don’t have a license for OCE… OLD NEWS…

Before the game launch, they were able to get the license for the OCE, that is why we are able to play it.

There has been no answer as to WHY there aren’t any OCE servers.

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I mean would you start over if they added OCE servers?

Why would i need to remake when they can just trasfer all of us to new server killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

I have a better plan As they have not provided a service that meets the game they promised we have been ripped off and should all ask for a refund . And I will be getting intouch with the accc in Austraila reporting them for false and misleading advertising…

If they aren’t willing to start over on Bergstrom which shows it’s not even at a Busy status to avoid the queue, then I doubt it.

Because server transfers don’t exist in the western versions yet and where they do exist they are not instant. But go on…

You’re wrong.

Twitter proves me wrong???

Specifically, the tweet. How does it not?

It’s from the official Lost Ark account, made 12 days ago and says:

“At this time, Amazon does not have the rights to publish Lost Ark in any additional regions.”

So yeah, that proves you wrong…unless you have sometime else? It’s literally the answer to why, and you’re claiming that they do have a license and they won’t give a reason to why they won’t just bring up some servers there.

You downloaded the game in OCE via steam right?

Steam has the ability to lock regional availability of game distribution, find it hard to believe that AGS would be able to actually distribute the game to a region without the rights to do that and NOT get sued. They still collect the revenues from the in-game sales and sold founders packs to OCE, doing that requires regional distro rights.

They need OCE servers, and they need to region lock US West. They can’t transfer characters cross-region, so that sucks for OCE.

At the very least if Valtan is their unofficial OCE in US West, they need to give actual US/CAN founders pack players free transfers and get over the whining that they have to manually do it…


They already have the publishing rights for OCE… thats just for other additional regions, NOT OCE.

They do not own the rights in their contract to host the game outside of the regions they do now. That has nothing to do with where you downloaded the game. Those are two completely different concepts.

Also, I’m not the one who made the tweet. They did.

here problem solved a list of the placed they picked up beyond the NA and Eu know list

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That is where I was getting at. Who knows when server transfer are even going to become a thing? Is it even a thing in Korea? I heard they had trasnfers up for a limited time and then took them away.

Thanks for that, I can admit I was wrong. That twitter thread read like they don’t. Muh bad.

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I read that they just started doing server transfers for the east, but they are a monthly batch job. Not instant.