Longest smilegate/amazon has been quiet

so its 3/30 its been 7 days since the last update from SG/Amazon about updates/patches/roadmap stuff which is the longest they have been quiet since launch. wonder what has them so quiet that they are not doing a weekly update/end of month update. do you think they release a huge update of info tomorrow or the on first?

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I guess if they had a better reputation people would be like “They are just focused on the work, let them do their own thingies and most likely they will share some leaks soon” but at this point, I bet a lot of people will be like “Silence? These bloody bastards are preparing something nasty, aren’t they??!!” :rofl:

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New World submarined any good will AGS had.


Don’t worry they still RT “random npc 1” and “random npc 2” on twitter everyday, instead of communicating


I mean they lost their CEO and the largest content update since New World’s inception dropped today, so yeah.


And why should that affect Lost Ark?

They share CMs

they know the grift is up. plus they use the same outsourced garbage CM/support team as everyone else. the company who does their support probably handles 30 different games.


I love when people use that as a real argument. I always wonder if they think CMs are just devs on their lunchbreaks or if they think the studio just asked they PR team to learn coding.

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like other MMOS there are huge groups of people who only do the new content. so by releasing news about future content you can see a surge of players increase in anticipation of the new stuff. that is why news is important and roadmaps are important.