Look at Amazon, I am a player from China

Look at Amazon, I am a player from China

Hello, I am a player from China, (my English is not very good, so I used a translator to translate it) I love the Ark game very much, but I don’t want it to be taken over by robots like the New world. In recent days a number of bots have been destroying the economy of the game, and LV3 gems are now on sale for 1 gold. I’m sure players in European countries hate robots as much as I do, but I don’t know if you can see it, but in our country I see a lot of robots frantically producing gold every day, selling it to European players and getting players banned. The source is not players but robots. I ask your company to pay attention to the problem of robots and reduce the loss of real players. Remember to ask your company! We as your customers experienced a very bad game experience, you must be responsible for your actions and work, of course you can ban or delete my post! Your company must solve the robot problem quickly, otherwise Amazon will have no credibility in the game industry after the New World!

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Thank you for ur info. I always knew EU mmo players are the biggeat RMT enjoyers and NA always overexagerrated. Typical EU players

you wont be customers for long once china server comes out you’ll all be IP banned.
You are on borrowed time.

You can complain more then when you get bots there

US West has no such thing as 1g gems

I’m suspicious of this china man he talks like a person who is in EU, he seems to have extensive knowledge about the inner workings of chinese and EU buyers, like for example: he might be the middle man :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

chinese players don’t write shit on forums… the way this person says it, it is most likely another competitor that was getting pushed out by the so called “1 gold” gem movement… if it’s a real chinese player in china, he would get scripts to buy out all the gems that are for sale for 1g instead of coming here to “report”… i played wayyy to many chinese games to know how gold farmers operate… lol

thanks for informative post about OP mr. li zhu born in 1996

wasnt born in 96, and screw this forum name cant change bs… @Roxx i wanna change my forum name!!

they sell lv3 at 1 gold cuz they can’t make it to lv7 anymore lol , just take any attemps to ruin the game

Don’t most the bots come from China?

Lost Ark releasing in China

why make an NA/EU account when u can just VPN KR client thats superior

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