Look at this Reaper Copium

Watch this, hope this Copium will be real!

no life


Looks like the average class discord to me :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean reaper and summoner at least have some evidence. Even Arcana was at least on a leaked roadmap. The scouters are the ones huffing copium atm.

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true true, legit i hope there is a miracle and we get 4 classes in 2 months hahaha, so everyone has what he want

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I feel personally attacked. :copium:

one can hope no? :sweat_smile:

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Why people are so excited about Reaper when they can just lay on the floor with Gunslinger instead?

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People like u are soo unnecessary, everyone who is saying this dont know anything about this class xD

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Honestly I think that would be the best move at this point. It would stop the split between people in the communities but also serve as a huge announcement