Look like we will not have Vykas on Thursday

As tittle. It seems it was delayed.

I cant tell if your actually stupid or pretending to be


The language used doesn’t inspire confidence. It’d be a little more clear if Vykas was going to drop in two days. Who knows? let’s wait and see.

I’m kind of hoping it’s delayed tbh. I’m not inspired to log in anyway due to the queue.


And? Cant play anyways i refuse to queue for 2 hours just to play the game

This is very vague lol…but yeah.

Why the hell would they release Vykas in this state of game? Bots Ark is almost unplayable due to the bots influx. They got far more problems in their hands at the moment than content releases.

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Second this sentiment. I want more material in the game, but that’s moot if you can’t play it.

Why not? When Valtan released it stopped bots for a good 1-2 weeks before we saw queue times. Also there are separate teams working on content and one for bots, I guess everyone forgot that big updates means more time bots gotta take to push back.

It will come out whenever they are ready. In the meantime, we can meme about it!