Lookin for friends that can help me carry valtan

Hello, im finally 1415 and ready to try valtan , problem is …theres nobody in queue and when inlook for a team its all bus charging gold and i dont have enough.Im lookin for a generous soul that can help me clear valtan fast.


It gets worse each next raid… Are you sure you want to play this game?


Watch guides first, and be min 3x3 engravings WITH COOREREEECCTTT STATS.

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Ready to try Valtan but then asking for a fast free clear. Doesn’t sound like you actually want to learn it.


Let me know if you still need one later. I don’t get off work for another 7 hours or so, but I have a 1551 bard I can bring.

1415 is not enough to run valtan with pugs. Hone up.

lul, what do you talking about? Valtan NM is designed for ilvl 1415 and minimum 2x3 - 3x3 with ofc right engravings and stats >D

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If you think so, go ahead and try applying to a public lobby with minimum item level. You’re gonna have a quick reality check.


try to learn the raid first before askin for carry

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I tell u like that my 2 frends start 2 weeks ago i help them to make 3x4 good eng i give them 10x5 gems they hit 1420 ish after 2 days be non top denied they quete ,i offered another bus but what a point playing when u need use bus insted of playing game,they was excited about valtan but life is brutal who killing this game are ppl not sg or ags ,they can rename game to afk ark

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Stop playing now it gets worse, unless you do what all the others rats do and buy gold from g2g, AWS doesnt care you see them all the time with their csrd set complete, everything maxed and gems 10

See that’s the issue. You can blame bussing as much as you want, but fact is that you refuse to do the process of learning Valtan, and insteed want to get carried.

Why won’t you be the carry ? Open a lobby, get some people in there, learn Valtan together with theim, even if takes you 10h of learning until you get that clear, at least now you won’t ever need a carry anymore.

I have solo’d Valtan at 1435 item level. I had a very solid character of course (full beast Power, lvl 9 gems, 5x3 engravings, tripods etc…) BUT it was SOLO. I guarantee you that only 2-3 of you 1415 with standards setup (like 3x3+1, lvl 5 gems basically) are more than enough to clear Valtan Ghost’s phase which is the only real DPS check here since people do damage before dying after x65 basically.

That’s what you’re supposed to do, not beggin’ for a friends to carry you for free because “you want to be fast”.

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join a guild thats active
Noobs cant pug anything unless you swipe or join a guild

Ok so that makes 3 of you, you couldn’t make a group for them? This game is easier if you have friends.

I got x3 1500+ and no low ilvls so it going be carry?


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where i can aquire gear at 1415 to hone up so i dont have to push 15+ from previous “tier”?

You need to hone the Argos/Oreha gears till 1445 so nowhere?

To craft the legendary Valtan/Vykas gear is just wast at this point of the game.

How about first looking for a learning party and learn the raid befor you ask for free carry?

Whats the point of playing a Raid heavy game and then dont wana learn/play the raids?

thanks for answer
hmm intresting design,
alright i will think about it