Looking for an uber guild? We want you!

…because you even know what an “uber guild” is! And no, it’s not a guild that drives or delivers food or participates in the gig economy at all. Although, with Lost Ark dailies, come to think of it…

Kids today don’t know their gaming history. They don’t know the journey to max level is supposed to be hard! They don’t know what it’s like to lose your level when you die, or need to find your corpse to get your stuff back, or to get completely destroyed by an absurdly powerful mob that lives in a starting zone for no good reason. They start in Lost Ark with flashy weapons and armor and abilities, and they don’t know the joys of starting the way it’s supposed to be - by killing ten large rats with a rusty dagger, and then working your way up to a young orc who just might drop better stuff.

StratsCo brings together mature gamers balancing life, real jobs, family, etc. but who still game hard - sometimes with their spouses or even with their kids. We aren’t “uber” in the traditional sense anymore. Is anyone even that uber anymore, spending five or six hours in a raid, camping all day and all night for a rare random spawn? I’m not saying games have gotten worse, really. But it’s nice to game with people who remember their history.

See below for the actual recruiting post. But if the above got your attention, you might belong with us. We’re fielding guilds on both the East and the West Coast.


:green_book: Join StratsCo as we balance work, life, and raiding Lost Ark!

Servers: Avesta (NA-EAST) / Valtan (NA-WEST)
Discord: :snake: https://discord.gg/stratsco

English/NA - Seeking fellow grownup gamers to join us as we expand to Lost Ark! We will have both an NA EAST and an NA WEST guild. You can select your region, as well as your main and alts using our information channel on Discord.

:sparkle: Mature player base of grownup gamers
:sparkle: We know MMORPG launches! We go hard
:sparkle: Friendly, helpful, and very active Discord server
:sparkle: Regularly scheduled content by leadership (with you!)

:green_book: About StratsCo - Learn more at Strats.co

Since 2014, the community for people who play massively multiplayer games (MMOs)—usually together. We’re passionate about the strategy, gear, and content of multiplayer gaming, with a special focus on playing MMORPGs together in good company.

We began as a guild in 2014 and have since traveled from one game universe to another. The rest has been an evolution of sticking together, meeting new friends, and great discussion.

StratsCo maintains large, but close-knit guilds in games like EVE Online, Elder Scrolls Online, and New World. Join us as we tackle Lost Ark!

:green_book: Joining the Guild

Jump over to our Discord server and add yourself to the lostark role via the #rules-and-roles channel. From there, you can choose your region in the information channel. Application process and guild layout are outlined on our Lost Ark wiki.

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Thread properly updated now with my own take on “uber guilds.” Why? Because I was legit in a conversation with a 19 year-old recruit who didn’t know “uber” as anything other than ride-hailing and food delivery. And who also asked what “mix-maxing” is. Kids today. Man.

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That make me laugh hard and make me sad at the same time lol !

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Came to thread to poke fun. Ended up being seen.

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Thanks man! Seems like there’s a lot of people glad to be gaming again. And if we’re not having fun, even with guild postings, what’s the point?

The good ole EQ days… great read … brought a smile and fond memories… well not so fond for corpse runs

There are, for absolute sure, things I don’t miss about the “good” old days. But it’s also a total paradox. The best memories I have - and I’ve heard this from many, many people - are from down times in the game or from negative, time-sink experiences no one would ever tolerate anymore. Waiting an hour for a boat. Recruiting an entire spontaneous raid just to break back into a zone where everyone wiped and they’ve lost their corpses. Raids in locations so obscure it takes an hour just to get there. No one has patience for this stuff anymore, or would even want it. And yet we remember it fondly.

I don’t know. It’s like the gamer equivalent of cassette tapes. No one wants them anymore, but people who remember them still have an affinity for the history.

Wow did your “uber” post about “not traditional uber” meaning hit the cord!!! I am one of those “older gaming-gen fem” and I so remember those starting days! Tho, I must add, you forgot about part when a game led by 1 Co. gets shut down and sold to another Co. then you start all over from lvl 1 without anything (after years of investing money and time) and to top that, not once but 3 times!!! It still makes we wonder, was that stupidity on my part, or sheer stubborn loyalty to co-players, to each of my partner-in-crime! (this is what an awesome ingame community can do!)… Ever since, I had hard time commiting to any other game in years-length. But I have played many, maaaany…
However, I do have such a deep-rooted good groovey feeling that LA will be My new virtual home within my rl home! So yes, I will be on the look out for a guild…
Thanks for the post and bitter-sweet reminiscence!

So if i join i can get a free ride Uber as member? :sweat_smile:

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Well, here’s where I’ll admit something. I don’t know the old-school experiences you’re referencing here. My framework is mainly EQ, as several have caught on. That’s obviously something else. But definitely falls within the broad category of things that gamers today would barely believe ever happened!

I’m 28 and have played mmos since early 2000s. Not once have I ever heard to a guild be referred to as an “uber guild”.

The term was once quite common. I mean, look at the replies above that are all responding to it. Believe it or not, you might be a bit too young for it. I would have guessed that gaming from the early 2000’s it would have still been in currency then, but I guess you would have been pretty young at the time and maybe the people you were gaming with weren’t using it. The concept of what “uber” meant was a bit vague. It was just stolen from German of course - so, “super” guild. Probably both hardcore and elite would capture the concept now.

I’m using the term tongue-in-cheek, of course. But it’s definitely a call back to a time where, if you recognize the term at all, you know what it was like to play then. It’s amazing how long ago that was.

Join us for a live Q&A with Sywo hosted on our Discord stage:


Sunday at 8:30PM Pacific.

P.S. There is no one more “uber” than Sywo.

SYWO IS co-founder of Uber… Jokes :joy:

I am sure that’s funny in a totally “I don’t get it” kind of way. =)

Seriously though, the live Q&A tonight with Sywo will be a blast. He’s a great source of information and enthusiasm for the game. If this game were the Olympics, he’d the the one lighting the torch on launch day. I think we’ve worked up some good questions for me. Personally, I’ve followed his content extensively and I believe we’ve come up with some questions I haven’t heard answered elsewhere.

Just a reminder, the Q&A is at 8:30pm PST. That would be 11:30pm EST.