Looking for my account

I’ve deleted my character about a month ago and was wondering if you could restore it
character name: molang (something like that)
item level: 302 (probably?)
Server: Avesta

Can you please help me out :frowning:

Hi @Puri0606

Welcome to the Lost Ark Forum!

I like to help you restoring your character!

First I need the following information since I try to look the name molang and seems to not be the correct name.

  1. Character name, if you not remember the correct name you can tell me the name of other character you have created to look for it.

  2. Character class:

  3. Character level:

  4. Please confirm to me that you are offline.

I’ll be waiting for your replay to keep helping you! :wolf:

Sorry about the wrong information

  1. My other characters name is Roopretelcham, Roopost, Whulha, Tookiisland, Olang, Kimpuri, Ryunguh, Frogkoko, Sharmard, Glacierlake, sixthblade
  2. Character class: Gunslinger
  3. Character level: around 302
  4. I could definately go offline if asked :slight_smile: thank you so much for your help

Hi again @Puri0606

I like to confirm that I restored you character named Yelang! :smiley:

Please log in and confirm me that you can see and use the character without any issue.

I’ll be waiting for you confirm! :wolf:

Thank you so much received and all fine

Thank you for the confirmation! @Puri0606

I’m glad that you get back your character :smiley:

Hope you can have a nice day and see you in Arkesia! :wolf:

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