Looking for Sailor Tasha Rare

i am looking for a good sailing crew for my ship.
I saw that Tasha (Rare) is one i need.

I farmed the Jelly Coins and went to the 2 trader who can sell them but none of them is selling them. I check the trader every day, am i doing something wrong?

Would be nice if someone may help me, thanks :slight_smile:

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You need Una’s task reputation to get blue Tasha in the shop IIRC
Apparently I was wrong, it’s pure rng. However it must be pretty sucky RNG, I did not manage to find it once since launch, and I’m checking both slime island and atropos every day.

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Ok, so i have to do the Unas quest on Slime Island?

Yes, I cannot tell you the specific task since I don’t have the game open atm to check

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I have maxed out slime island rep by doing the una slime island new dish daily and rare tasha still is not showing up.

Does anyone know how often vendor yulia issupose to restock or change her stock?

For me so far yulia on slime island always has the regular tasha never the rare version and laura on atropos island alway has reg ahu…

You can buy rare Tasha to the exchange merchant on Slime Island for 6000 Jelly Coins. There’s no conditions IIRC.
The Una Task on the Island gives about half of that amount with just the reputation rewards.

I have over 6k jelly coins. and maxed out reputation and rare tasha is not showing up for sale.

I have 500 Jelly Coins and never did the Una Task even once but the merchant was selling Tasha.

Here this is what I have had for the last 2 weeks or so: I check once a day and it always this exactly:

For laura the slime island vendor on atropos island it also always the same items for sale notably it being where Ahu crew mate being offered every time.

The blue tasha crew mate should not this bloody hard or involved or RNG to get…

Oh I didn’t know it was randomized. I checked the vendor once and saw rare Tasha there.
After a bit of research it would seem to be a daily reset.

The Vendor is Random to get her and you dont need the una tasks cause i have the rare without una just saying boop

I wish I had some hard facts on how this randomness worked. Does it change daily, weekly hourly ?

I ask cause it has not been random for me for the last 2 weeks…its been the exact same every day.

Still no rare tasha today.

Again today no rare tasha!

Can’t tell you how the merchant works for sure, but it certainly seems random. I got the merchant selling the rare Tasha on my first trip to Slime Island 2 days ago (3/30/22). I returned today but the merchant is only selling the regular Tasha.

Maybe temporarily set your Bifrost teleport spot next to the vendor and just check every day until you get the rare Tasha… that’s what I’ll be doing.

Yeah I have been checking daily for a good 2 weeks both slime island and atropos island vendor.

Another negative for rare tasha today both on atropos and slime island!

Still no rare tasha today!

It’s easier to get leg cal and epic cal than 1 rare tasha,lol

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Nope again today no rare tasha on either island, this is beyond ridiculous…

2022/04/09 Still no es bueno!
2022/04/10 zippo today too!
2022/04/11 still nope!


2022/04/12 still nope!

Same here. I wonder if it will be up tomorrow with reset. Since I got my rep up on Thursday. Oh, a thought occurred to me. do you have to buy the white version to even see the blue one??