Looking for server advice

Located central, ping is a bit lower on the west over east.

Any idea best server to join out of


Them splitting up NA was a weird decision. Id like to join whatever server has the best long term health especially for doing things related to server like co-op and islands

Mari for west.
Una or Azena for east.

is una as busy as everyone thinks? The only reason I ask is that I rarely see the busy status on it anymore and the world seems bare (but that is at the before sailing areas)

Im on at all times, the only three East servers I ever see as busy are Una, Azena, Regulus.

I am located closer to the west coast, but decided to start in NA east since all my friends were starting there. I haven’t noticed any issues from increased ping, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that if your net is reliable.

The matchmaking for T3 content in NA East always seems to be really quick. I rarely wait longer than a minute or two for guardians or abyss dungeons.

I’m on Regulus so I can’t comment on any of the three NA East servers you listed, but I my vote is definitely for you to start in on NA east. I will say that login queues on Regulus have been so infrequent I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen one.

The NA West servers often have spikes of bot activity and lag.

See if you can run generic IP tests to different parts of the country to see if there’s any substantial delay, but if not I’d suggest East as being more stable right now.

I’ve never once had a queue on Regulas, except on launch day. Server is pretty active as well. Instant dungeon queues as well, but that’s more of a East vs West item.

I would have chosen east if my ping wasn’t affected; lots of content creators I was considering grouping with over there.

That said, I value my own gameplay above that, so lower ping west it was.

Ultimately, I’ve heard west has more bots, but both have them…unsure to what extent, though.

West’s economy is smaller from what I’ve observed as well.

Una is good, never have any issues whatsoever finding people. Happy to toss you a guild spot if ya need one too