Looking for suggestions on how to progress my Roster

So background.

I never played Argos Valtan or Vykas on release because I left end of Feb for elden ring. Returned in June.

Main - 1472.5 - 4x3+1 (Zerk)
Destro Main Alt - 1400 - 4x3 Leg Access
4-1370 Alts (Artillerist being the express character with a bunch of Mats)

I am sitting on like 120k gold with another 4 Argos left, 3 Orehas, Valtan and Vykas HM.

I need 15 class books, selling for like 9.5-10.5k each.
1 Masters tenacity book, which were selling for 800 before today, now they are 3k each.
I have 1 accessory I can use for 5x3 that dropped in Vykas. I have Two 6-6 stones I can use too.

Joined a new guild but there hast been much talk in the discord about Clown or Statics for it so like everything else in this game I would prob pug.

I feel like it might just be more worth to push like Destroyer and Arty to 1430 or 1445, leave main at 1472.5 and then maybe push him after clown is out for a couple weeks maybe.

Ive been playing catchup for the last 4 months and clearly I will be playing catchup to bring my roster in line with other people who didnt dip for 3 months playing something else. I mainly want a 1490 main, and 2 1445 alts. maybe leave others at 1370 because the only classes I care about now are Scouter, Aeromancer and Artist and I want those 3 as my main gold making roster along with Zerker, Destroyer and Artillerist.

Anyway, give me some suggestions and what you might do in my position. Dont mind spending a bit but mainly only on Blue Crystals or Skins.

Don’t try master’s tenacity books, no matter what route you go with those it’s a trap and ends up being the most expensive route by the time you finish 5x3

l would push everything to 1400 one by one so you can do p3 without needing a bus and just buy 1-2 books a week or something so you have most if not all by the time clown drops. the alts may take a while to pay themselves off but bigger rosters lets you make bigger purchases and bounce back way quicker

why because of accesories? I found some pretty cheap options, or do you just mean bc it isnt usable on anything else

you generally avoid things you don’t book in the future or things that have no multi-class competition. you save a lot getting tenacity books sure but then you end up needing 15 nodes of something expensive like kbw, cd, etc on jewelry instead which ends up costing more than the books did

Both. Nobody else uses that engraving, and the accessories for master tenacity is comically cheap compared to other engravings. The reason why people buy mayhem books is because the accessories cost an arm and a leg and they’re ultra rare to begin with so you’re kind of at the mercy of whatever quality accessory is available with whatever malice engraving it comes with.

So basically 150k for 15 mayhem books. Then another like 160-180 for 18 grudge/KBW books bc grudge keen blunt are the best value for Mayhem zerker and my roster. Thats over 300k gold, not including any accesories, this just isnt affordable at all. atleast right now, maybe in a couple month if I push 3-4 alts to 1445 or start bussing a bunch of shit.

Like I priced up stuff last week with a 6-6 stone, Mayhem 12 and MT 12.

The most expensive accesory combination was like 40k, the rest I could find and move engravings around and make stuff work that was only 10-20k. That has to be cheaper than just dumping 180k on a roster wide engraving. Maybe its just not as efficient.

If I were you, this is what I would do given with what you have.

  1. Buy the rest of the mayhem books.
  2. Buy a +3 mayhem / +5 (another engraving that you are using) accessory. Preferably a ring because ring quality doesn’t impact combat stats as much and chance are the quality will be bad.
  3. Either cut your stone 7/7/4 or find a necklace that has 90+ quality with +5 desirable engraving and +3 junk engraving. Haven’t checked the ah in a while but when I did this these necklaces weren’t that expensive. You want to do this because neck gives the same stats as the rest of your accessories combined.
  4. Do whichever you didn’t do in step 3 (so it’s the stone or buy the neck)
  5. Buy the rest of the accessories with the malice engravings in mind. Rings get lower priority on quality concerns.

If you do this you’ll be 4x3 +2, the missing part is 20 legendary books on grudge or whatever. This is about as complete as you’ll realistically get by the time clown is out. If you can find a static this is enough fyi.

Other ways to slide in extra dps for little gold: use the inventory trick with the tripod vendor to get 6 free +4 tripod levels. Check your weapon quality. If it’s low, you can upgrade some damage for little gold cost if your luck is average. One other tihing is that you could buy the most expensive accessory with a scuffed combat stat, but this has it’s own pros/cons as people might judge you on this.

Getting a 7-7 stone will take me too long. When I hit 1415 I bought a single Master tenacity cursed doll stone and hit 8-7-2 immediately. I havent cut many stones since then so just based on the rng it would take too long, my luck was too good on that 7-7. I dont want cursed doll either.

I would rather Raid captain and Grudge. But maybe I could drop raid captain idea and just run
Cursed Doll
Masters Ten

Would be expensive though on Accesories but atleast I have the 7-7 stone already. Would prob use Mayhem 12 with Grudge 9.

Idk I have a few options, the ring I dropped was a Grudge 5 Raid Captain 3 Swift ring though, 75 quality, only 1 Malice engraving. So I want to make that work.

I can’t speak much about Zerker engravings so I skip that part and tell you about my plan for my roster since I am also in catch up mode since end of July.

My main is done for now with 1490.

I made a Pala as first Support alt at 1460 (4x3 engraving and get Easy in any party/no struggles with finding party’s)

My 2nd alt is a Bard currently at 1415. same reason like Pala why I made her.

My others are only 1370 and getting them step by step to 1400 after bard is 1430.

The Engraving Book problems I decided to buy the Engravings many Classes in my roster and my planned roster with 12-18 Characters need.
So i started with Keen Blunt Weapon (9-10k each book), then I go to Hit Master/Adrenaline, since all my planned DPS Chars go on Hit Master and Adrenaline.

For the start it’s really expensive to buy all those Legendary Engraving books but sooner or later you need less money on Accessories to get 5x3 on your dps mains.