Looking to join guild on Procyon

Hi there,

Myself and a friend of mine are looking to join a guild on Procyon, we’re both in the UK and work 6 day weeks so ideally would need raids happening at around 8pm UK time, Saturday evenings or Sundays.

There’s no real nice way of saying this but we’re not interested in super serious meta zombies nor are we looking for a guild that’s not organised and is a free for all. That being said though we do like the game a lot and have already spent over a 1300 hours in the game so ideally we’d like to be part of a well run and organised guild that set’s out regular scheduled raids and other events and understands that its best we work together as a guild in order for us to function well.

Does anyone have any suggestions ? I can give in depth stats of our builds if anyone wants them, no problem.

Thanks in advance.