Looks like NA servers arent updated to Daylight Savings

None of the schedule locked raids, islands, bosses are showing up because the times are off…even the new grand prix isn’t showing up.

What’s worse is that I haven’t even seen any dev postings about this yet…

Hilariously I see a complaint as far back as Feb 18th…and we still have this issue. US East Servers not respecting Daylight savings

Look at this thread…hilarious admin response.

[quote=“JWarlock, post:2, topic:254420”]
In order for you to join the Event you will have head to a major city (the only exception is Prideholme) once you are there go ahead and speak with the NPC called: “Akesia Grand Prix Manager” (it has a pink pin on the map) and addition to that there’s only one requirements, which is your character must be 50 or higher
[/quote] – Admin

They must think the players are dull…