Loosing value everyday for weeks because powerpass

For those that didnt get to use the powerpass early should get a specific and BIG compensation since we are loosing out on tons of value everyday. I purshased an extra charachter slot just to use the powerpass and now im just sitting with a lvl 1 everyday missing out on value. Not okey, and I guess you will compensate everyone with just useless “Aura of ressonance” and crystaline aura and it wont even be only for those that didnt use powerpass. Like always cant handle problems that appear in the game.


it’s sad yea… but in the time, since the pass is released i’ve pushed 3 chars to 1370 by hand.
sure it’s work - but we have a giant contentless time, that could be used for pushing char for example

There’s no content coming until end of september, don’t worry you aren’t missing out.

He’s missing out on dailies and weeklies and gold generation, what are you talking about?

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I understand good thing I used my power pass the first day an not wait. I would love for the buyable ones to be enabled so I can get my bard up I had to use a knowledge transfer for her an now I’m she’s just sitting here.

Atleast someone gets it, and on top of that what I mostly want is the 20% honing buffs since I’m about to push my last alt to 1430 and if I do that without the book from the express mission (which I cant use on any other char since theyre already above 1370) im not only missing out on gold in form of raid and sellable resources but also wasting precious 20% books. Just a big gold loss in general which should get me(everyone in my position) a decent compensation.