Loot Drops from Chaos Dungeon

Loot Drops from Chaos Dungeons are not worth my time. Since images speak louder than words, see below:

Expected Results:


This is pretty much the case 99% of the time I run Chaos dungeons on 1385 with my alts.
None of the items are worth anything so 99.99% of the time I disassemble and get a few more mats. e.g. in this case see below:


I wouldn’t have any problem with this except that this does not match with what the game tells me is the expected result…

Fix: Either fix the “expected results” display to show epic items along with the legendary ones, or increase the drop rate of legendary items at 1385.

Also, the drop rate for boss rush tickets is simply too low, esp. if you get bad rng you can go weeks without a single ticket on some chars (yes, it happened already many times).

Fix: Either increase the drop rate of boss rush tickets, include them in drop tables of elite mobs during the dungeon fight and not just the boss (maybe that is the case but i only ever got boss rush tix from 2nd boss kills) or add a pity drop after x times no boss rush ticket drops.