Loot issue with chaos gate secret map


There is a bug with the new map loot feature. The above is the loot from a blue secret map in Feiton with the new 4x map loot sharing feature enabled, it only gave 2 pouches instead of 4. I’ve done about 6 maps today and so far this happened three times, the last time it was 3 pouches, and before that it was 7 moon breath instead of 8.

I had the same issue in the past 2 weeks for T1 maps, but not T3 maps. I used to get 8 large bags and 40 stars breath for every T1 North Vern Rotation, but last week I got 5 bags 37 stars breath and this week 6 bags 40 stars. In the same party, someone else got 8 bags 34 stars and another person got 6 bags 32 stars.