Losing a Weekly Abyss because of hotfix, lol

So, hear me out.

The game’s been out for a month. And because of a SERVER issue, you are now gated for 1/4 of the current life span of the game.

I just watched my friend, LIVE ON DISCORD, leave an Abyss because his team did not want to surrender.
He joined another Abyss 10 minutes later.

We never completed the abyss. The server kicked us out. We never received rewards.

And yet, we have to wait a whole week.

The game just gets better and better, ESPECIALLY the customer support.

Amazon support will give you the entry back, sounds like you should look for the notifications. 15 min before the hotfix they sent a notification. You missed it and re Q. Pay attention next time.

Why do you always come up with the same lie?
Amazon is giving shit back, they only say that they can’t help and are working on an solution and so on.
While i know they could provide this entry-restore chest, that someone posted on another thread.

Huh. Did you read what I said? Sounds like your confused, I said they will give it back to you. re-read son.

Yeah, definitely so confused.

Like I said, go grind T2. Replying with incorrect info on everything I’ve read with “Tinga” on it

oh really?

They copy and paste the exact same replies.
Crazy how big Amazon is and they have such trash customer support.

Lost a T3 abyss for them kicking every one out.
Gated another week, lmfao.

You can still get it. Go ask, many people have reported getting it back. Customer support is all dependent on who answers your ticket.

You sure about that?

They haven’t found a permanent solution and removed their temporary one. Amazing stuff

yup thats what i tried to tell them, amazon posted it at like 3pm est that they cant do that anymore

I was stuck on a quest last week because I did the abyss dungeons before getting the quest. So after reset I wanted to do the quest but while in dungeon hotfix happend and I cant enter now and never finished it. GG have to wait a whole week again and lost my rewards…