Losing an Entry into a dungeon because of hotfix or game dc

I was in a 1370 Abyss dungeon and when they did a hotfix with literally almost no notice to the players on 3/10/2022 they disconnected everyone to do their hotfix mean while everyone that was in a dungeon lost their run. Players have to wait either a week for abyss dungeons or 1 day for others and this has been a recurring theme in Russia and now in NA and its unacceptable that players get punished for no reason.


I lost my first cube this way :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was in a boss rush and I just lost my ticket. :expressionless:

Same here I lost my boss rush ticket

same here. now left with 7 days waiting. dont think they apply another hot fix

they have a soluyion but they dont care…

worth a shout but i think this is just automated system email when game detect run off

I also sent a ticket in for this issue I lost my 1370 hard mode ticket feels bad that I’m a week off getting the full set now :confused: hopefully they send us back our lockouts