Losing connecting to server using Auction House

Everytime I try to register an item on the Auction House I lose connection to the server.

Hey there @CheekyHeinz,

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Sorry to hear about this connection issue and how it’s affecting the experience. Will gladly assist.

So when this happens we can start by performing some troubleshooting.
The way you describe it however sounds like you have tried the Auction House several times and the issue is reproducible every attempt.

How about we verify the basics and if it doesn’t work out we try live channels.
We might need to view the logs in search of an error.

So, first:
Does this happen only at Auction House? Everytime? Have you experienced lag, rubberbanding?
Have you updated Lost Ark, Rig drivers (like graphics), windows? Are you running Windows 10?
Usually this helps: Log out of Steam, run it as an administrator, log back in, select Lost Ark from your library and verify the integrity of the files.

If that doesn’t help, we might want to look into those logs. To do so it’s necessary to contact live channels. You can use this link:

Hope this helps.

Best wishes!

Thank you for the response. I’m not experiencing any type of lag or rubberbanding, only happens when I try to register an item. I’ve tried verifying integrity of files but still didn’t work. No issues doing anyhing else in the game.

Hey @CheekyHeinz,

I see. It is weird. Sorry about that.
In that case, viewing logs would be best.
Please contact live channels using the link in the above post to get further assistance.

Hope you have a great week.