Losing interest at t2 ilvl 870

I finally reached Yorn, was surprised to get ilvl 802 gear immediately from ilvl600, slightly deceiving numbers from someone who has done zero research on the game.

I immediately managed to obtain ilvl 870, however after reading the forums and seeing how frustrated people are getting by the time they reach T3 honing is off putting.

Not only that, but we have multiple issues present including server queues, matchmaking issues, and of course the pay to win aspect of the game generally upsetting most players.

Can’t help but feel this was another potentially good game being wasted by greed yet again, why not release all the classes from day 1? Maybe if summoner was available I may want to create a second character…

Unlikely anyone of importance at Smilegate will read this but I have nowhere else to vent my frustration.



It’s not pay to win, it’s pay to fast.

There’s no competitive advantage gained with the shop since everyone in PvP is synced at the same level, and the rest is pure PvE.

Take it slow, ignore the swipers, do your things.
Explore, discover the world, the islands, just have fun at your own pace.

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What do you win by paying?

You skip time spent on grinding materials aka. playing the game.
I do assume you are playing the game for fun? so you pay to skip fun isnt it?


since you only hittet 870 im not sure how much youve already seen in the game. When i reached 800 i immediatly got to 1k cause i explored so much around on the islands quests etc. Youve seen maybe 30% of them game yet. When your bored by know maybe you should consider playing something else.

Theres absolutely NO pay to win aspect in the game its only pay to move up faster but is it really worth killing a boss 1 min faster cause you invested money? not sure about it



If you’re at all interested in the story, I can assure you I feel the story gets alot better going Into Feiton.

As for the gear honing and progression into T3. The first legion raid has yet to even release and won’t for another couple weeks. Other eastern MMOs have an even more hardcore enhancing system to where if you fail an upgrade your gear actually downgrades.

I totally agree that AGS needs to step up in their communication and show their dedication to improving the server quality and overall play experience due to the aftermath of launch. The thing to keep in mind on this topic is that Smilegate expected ~200k concurrent players, not 1 million.

The average gamers are dealing with the complaints of min/max warriors rushing end game. Don’t let it weigh heavily on your own impression of the game. The jump from 600 to 802 was basically moving into the next expansion from Vanilla LA in RU/KR versions.


Thanks everyone for the detailed replies, I have taken it all on board.


I wouldn’t rush ilv

Here’s another forum post complaining there’s nothing to do above ilv 1k

I think if you can’t find enjoyable content to do now at your current ilv, you won’t have much fun at a higher ilv. It’s pretty much the same stuff your doing now.

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Honing drops to sub 5% at some point.

If your not okay with that this isn’t for you.

If you accepted that then your guuci

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Damn generations Z or Alpha nowadays. They want everything NOW.
Take your time and actually play the game. This is the point of PLAYING games, to take your time, enjoy the progress/game and to not get burned out/tried of it too soon due to rush.
If you don’t have the class you enjoy - dont play the game. Take a break till your class arrives if this is the case of being “frustrated”

not gonna comment queues to get to the server because this is something irrational. There are many possibilites to make it work better but, AGS/SG need to cooperate and finalize their decisions in form of patches.


This game is meant to be a slow daily grind, if you dont enjoy the content and only get the dopamine rush of ilvl goes up. This game likely isnt for you

My main is 1070 when i cant progress him i just work on slowly raising alts, i have one alt in t2 and a second soon.

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As soon as I hit 600 I went straight to 993 got two pieces short of hitting 1000. Because for the few days I was stuck at 560/580 I was doing quests everywhere and had thousands of t2 mats ready to go. People complain expect to go to the next tier in a day. Sometimes your luck aint all that, just keep doing the activities and getting the mats until you get there. I reached 1000 the next day actually, which is today.

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So this is really a class release complaint disguised as a t3 complaint lol.

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i still dont get why people say its p2w, you dont actually even pay to win in this game lmao, or can you pay to complete an abyss dungeon? or perhaps pay to win in pvp where the stats are identical?
there are simply some materials you can buy from the ingame shop but those are so small and not even considered to be p2w in any way…
and yeah you can buy those materials with gold but which mmorpg these days does not have an actual player auction house or a system to trade items like these with other players?

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Most people on this forum are stupid anyway, they even call players who buy stuff with blue crystals P2W…

That being sayed most people don´t even know what they are talking about/what is P2W.

Also people complaining about stuff taking longer with T3 after just 1-2 weeks from release… it´s lol.

I hope all those kids quit so people with brain and experience can log in again and ques are gone xd


hmm you complain that tons of issues, and p2w is upsetting most players… yet here you are at i870 but you aren’t saying that p2w upsets you… did you pay 2 win your way to 870?
wtf does it matter what “most” of the other players think… it matters what you think. T3 is basically the end game (at present) and honing at that level should be costly.

Seeing as you are that far along, please tell us how much these so called p2w aspects of the game have negatively affected your game experience so far?

Agree, I wish we have all the class on day 1, now I’m struggling to find a main…

I understand that this game is beginning to feel disappointing to you. And that is entirely within your rights to like and dislike things. Will not be attempting to change or validate your points since they’re yours and yours alone. I do have one amendment tho. Please refrain from making statements such as “most players” implying that most have the same issues as you, to try to self validate your arguments. It’s hard to trust and believe in the “most players” wanna quit because you dislike this and that. We have around 800k concurrent players, give or take. And during weekend time, this game still hits 1 million after 3 weeks which is quite an unique phenomenon. It means that the majority is enjoying the game tho it still has a lot of room for improvement.

Also, I am nearing t3 and the game never forced me to buy stuff in order to progress. Oh if I want to artificially do it instead of playing the actual game, I would need to pay but I don’t. So it’s not pay to win, though it has the systems in place to be considered so. I am personally taking my time and I am mot playing the purchase to advance faster game, I am enjoying this game at my own pace. And it still entertains me lots.

If you’re paying to get an advantage over a player that hasn’t paid anything, it’s p2w. You all saying it’s not p2w or it’s pay for convenience whatever, can say what you want to make yourself feel better. The game is p2w, doesn’t matter how you try to convince yourself otherwise.

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Pray tell, what advantage is to be gained? So what if they have a higher ilv? It would only be p2w for world first clears, if you care about that. Otherwise, there is nothing to be won.